Saturday, September 06, 2008

To Do What's Right

I'm listening to my heart, and I am following the lead. If I have never been right before, why this time? If I am still not following the Lord, when will He ever hear my prayers?

How do we ever know we can trust with whom we fall in love, when we must do exactly that? The faith shown there is as much as I will ever put into anything. I want to believe there's a love thats true, every bit as much as I need this love, too.
I choose to believe. I choose of my own free will. But I also believe my time is short, now. Everywhere I turn the evidence points toward an end. And as much as anything else right now, I need a friend.

Life can twist and turn and leaves many bitter and hurting. If we make it through our troubles and keep a cheerful heart I know happiness is sure to follow. The strength of self reliance can build me up, as surely as misplaced faith will tear me down. The question is, do I have another loss that I can afford? My heart is not yet fully broken, and I can't believe that is what God wants. But God does want me to be free. The chains that bind us to the world are bolted to my heart. I am not too blind to see,
that is where to start.