Saturday, February 04, 2012


In my mind, my creation

love that can never die

As deep as the ocean to the sky

just to be able to have felt that way back then

I am forever thankful in every way

I lived in the moment the best I could

cherished each kiss and couldn't hug tighter

I remember still with wistful smile

when looking in her eyes made my heart skip 3 beats

I would tell her it's the same today,

but Life forced our separate ways

I can still thank God every day

I was given the chance to feel that way

My heart is healed and the adoration is clarified

I got to know true love and felt real passion

Now, I'm holding on loosely without no hope

that these embers get to again catch their fire and

the flock of butterflies inside my chest,

may never find their rest

Is it my failure, is this my test?