Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy Birthday! The Tyrant is Dead.

Saddam maddas a hatter. Saddam dead as a doornail. Saddam assumes room temperature. Saddam there but for the grace of Allah goes Bin-Laden. Saddam re-united with his sons. Saddamized.
Deadlines for headlines.
Personally I get no solace in the fact that this evil mass murderer is gone. Symbolically it had to happen, and the sooner the better. The brave American soldiers that have died trying to clean up his hell hole are who I choose to think about and pray for. I saw that Saddam went to the gallows with a Quran in his hand, how fitting that the handbook for the adherents to the 'Religion of Peace' will be there to guide his soul to it's final resting place.
If Saddam was playing with Tarot cards which ones came up, do you suppose? The hanging man? The death card? Both?
Lord God almighty must be very disappointed in this individual. Given, or allowed to take, a position of high authority over an entire nation, he used his position to torture and oppress people and ingratiate himself. The things Saddam could have done to make the world a better place were infinitismal, and maybe that will be one of his punishments in Hell. To see the alternate reality, where he was a great leader and with all the oil wealth that has been bestowed upon Iraq, created a great center of learning and prosperity right there in the heart of the middle-east. But alas, it was not meant to be.
I get a kick out of the American hating leftists who say that we are responsible for Hussein because we supported him in the Iran-Iraq war. Maybe there is some culpability there but we never told him to kill his own people and try and take over the region. We rightly sided with the lesser of two evils, and gave him an opportunity to step up and change the dynamic, which he obviously failed in a most spectacular way. Now we still have to deal with the trouble in Iran without a secular ally in Saddam Hussein who could have exercised some control over this wild beast of a nation. And could have accomplished that control without torturing and killing so many of his own people, could he not?
Anyway life goes on and the quickening continues to gather momentum, hastening US toward the final conflict of good versus evil. One I hope and pray that we do the right thing and not end up like Saddam Hussein. Great potential relegated to the ash heap of History.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

And Iran, Iran so far away.

Others are feeling like me, President Bush may have missed his calling.

Friday, December 22, 2006

It's me and Joey.

When the Flu Hits

A conspiracy theorist would have to surmise that President Bush is about to unleash a mutated form of H5N1 flu virus on the world, or maybe just New Orleans. It is getting into the flu season so of course we should start to see some flu stories in the news. No doubt we all should be careful and wash our hands often, for many are vulnerable to strains less deadly than H5N1.

The last horrible worldwide outbreak was 1918. The world was at war and here we are again war breaking out everywhere, maybe when the Angel of Death is unleashed there is no restraining the scope of operations.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Clash of the Process of Civilization

This world is all about perceptions and perspectives.
We are not at war with the Iranian people just their rulers and theocrats, those who will drive these people to their death.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

With Friends Like These.

Who needs enemies?
I am thinking maybe we should just back off and let these guys do what they do best.
Let's just build a cage around the middle-east and call it the ultimate.

Time to come back.

Maybe now it's O.K. to go back to my original church home. If I had a home that is. As a vagabond of the Christian World I have been Episcopalian, Baptist, Non-denominational Lutheran, maybe Catholic(way back when I was 4 or 5), probably every denomination, whatever church I stepped into. I have also been as New Age, agnostic, liberal, Rosicrucian, hippie, heavy metalist, skateboarder(steel wheels), chess club, poet, artist(still am), deep thinking(tripped out?), environmentally safe person, as any other. In other words even as I was sinning I was still searching for the Lord. Because I wasn't always all the bad things, back to back to back, and I wasn't always all the good things, back to back to back. 2 steps forward one step back, 1 step forward 2 steps back. And so it goes.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Our Controlling Nature.

Why do people feel they must control everything? Maybe it is that controlling tendency that has created problems from the very beginnings of civilization. Many, many people throughout the eons of time have fought to and fought to throw off the yoke of control and domination. Right now we are fighting to maintain the world system that is in place. Maybe maintaining the status quo is not the penultimate desire of our creator. Maybe humanities destination was hi-jacked long ago and throughout the ages we have been fighting to stabilize and maintain a faulty hierarchy. Deep within, our souls desire is to be free. Completely free, of all stains of sin, selfishness and material desires that cloud our spirit from the light of God's presence.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

To Liberals and Mental Weaklings..-..-.

I know what you are thinking. You are betting your life that your great country(and it is great) has a trick up their sleeve . "We are the U.S.A. ... f yeah! We have secret laboratories and super spys and ray guns and sh*t. We can do anything, the stuff that we don't even know about would make your head spin."
I myself would love to know that to be true. However, as awesome as some of our scientific and secret weapons technology must certainly be, without the will to use it makes it virtually worthless to have taken the time and treasure to produce.
You are thinking..-..-"What if everybody hates us?"
well what if?
Whatif your butt sniffed?
We can't live our lives worried about offending people who are threatening to kill US.
This enemy will not quit this fight, the wheels are in motion.
But still you're saying "We can't win"
I say we have already won, we just have not believed in ourselves. We are the lone superpower in the world because Almighty God has granted US this honor, we must act like we deserve to be thusly rewarded.

Or what good is it?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Sowing the Wind and Reaping the Whirlwind.

Alleigence to America by the American people appears to be wavering. Our economy is based on growth,through population and expanding the middle and upper classes. There are many people out there who think we should be reducing our population by whatever means necessary. As long as we have the farmland and ability to feed our nation we should continue to try and grow our population. Look what is happening in Europe and Russia now. Their birthrates are dwindling and their growth, needed to continue to pay for the growth in their social programs, is dependent on immigration for tax paying workers. However much of the immigrant influx are using up the social services at a similar rate. Third World immigrants come into all these countries seeking their own needs first, not really their new countries needs. I guess it's human nature to try and look out for #1 first, but that is where the trouble starts.

Those who look to hire in America need entry level workers, along with skilled professionals. But we are also raising a whole generation of people who feel they are entitled to some kind of bounty. The Social Security system here is broken and no-one is willing to do the heavy lifting to fix it. We have a whole sub-culture who feel no shame in taking money for nothing. Whether it's by thievery, fraud, pretending to be pathetic, or illicit activities, so many people have no pride in earning their own way and taking care of themselves and their families. Welfare and S.S.I. abuse come directly to mind. How could a healthy person who can work collect money for ruining their lives by drug /alcohol abuse? How can people get money for making a series of stupid choices in their personal lives? On top of that now the new immigrant class is starting to feel that same sense of entitlement. Some how it seems a common human characteristic to forget where you came from. To forget what it took to get to that next level. Humanities house of cards is stacked so high just one straw will bring down a century of progress. At the base is agriculture, shelter, and law and order. These pillars must be kept strong.

With human nature what it is I cannot picture things getting much better. Our nation needs a revival or we might have to let things fall and pick up the pieces. Maybe these terroristic threats are God's way of sending US a wake up call. Even though I am personally aware of the danger I still battle complacency. I believe that we are threatened and it would serve our nation right to get slapped down a few pegs. But since we seem to be the only ones in the world trying to do anything about these problems it would be tragic for the whole world if the U.S.A. were to somehow be nuetralized. Time is short, maybe shorter than anyone realizes. We really don't have the time to re-sort what is right and where we stand as a nation. The Lord is at our door knocking, not acting is a response that will not be tolerated. The time has come to make a stand.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We just looked away for a moment.

This fanatical idealogical movement Islamascism will not quit, take a break, or just fade away. It is a growing, nebulous, borderless disease of a religion. Paralleling the rise of Nazism and even communism. Both movements defeated by the West in the Twentieth Century. Apparently the leaders of this particular strain of human civilicidal virus have detected an opportunity. They are consumers of western media, having figured out how to manipulate the talking heads. Aligning themselves with the Democratic Media Complex, this contingent of Judeo/Christian antagonists are waging an effective war. They carefully orchestrate their violence with news cameras always on the scene. This played out before America's elections recently and with Spains elections a few years ago. They know that we really don't want to fight, being more or less peaceful countries within our own borders. I am sure they feel this is a chance to make a few free moves. The assasination of Lebanese Minister Pierre Gemayel is another step along the way toward their ultimate goal of destroying Israel first, then America.

The holiday weekend is upon US. The media will surely focus on traffic, going to Grandma's house, a turkey that will get a reprieve, football, and assorted nonsense. Out on the horizon is a growing threat that ultimately will threaten the whole free world. It's only a matter of time. My thanksgiving prayers will include a prayer that George W. Bush will not continue to follow in his father's footsteps on using half-measures to fight this fight. When you decide to take on an enemy, and you have the power to win, go for the whole enchilada. That means kick their freakin' @ss. Or is part of political correctness making sure we are just as dead as they are?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

When up is down.

When the Left are right.

When the bad are good.

About face scorn thy reasoning impositions.

Never the lasting prognoses.

Ever the progressive diagnosis.

Continue my clever neurosis.

Grant me my wish list. My psychosis.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

When we finally learn.

In the eye of the storm.

The winds of change blow both ways.

So look up!

For your redemption draws nigh.

The great nation of America is in trouble, I believe. According to the pundits and political watchers we voted for change. Not everybody who was eligible voted and not everybody that voted selected the same candidate. Our country is very evenly divided, and that can be O.K. if everybody has the nations success as a whole in mind when they cast their ballot. With all the talk about leaving Iraq, that war,(already won, I might add) could become a defeat. I am not sure if president Bush was divinely inspired to go in there, but now the situation must be rectified. If we had all gotten on board with Bush's strategy we would probably already be done there and moving on toward Iran. The naysayers threw the war to make Bush look bad,to give him a problem that cannot be fixed within his term. Let's face it ,many in the media elite circles have no love for their country or their military. According to them everything we do when Bush is in charge will be wrong. I kind of look at it like this; America got sucker punched, a pretty good shot, too. The whole country was riled up for a few days after 9/11/2001. The president knew what the right thing to do was to go after the people who had repeatedly attacked US and gotten away with it for the most part with little slaps on the wrist. He stood up and said lets take care of this problem for once and for all. All of America and all of congress and the senators said hell yeah! let's go and take care of this problem. So the president got in front and said "charge!", and went to do battle. Then he turned around and half of his side had left him, alone, for his own side got squishy and stopped giving a full effort, also. That is where we stand now, at a crossroads, victory in the war against terrorism can still be achieved, not without sacrifice, not without all of our nation dedicated to victory at any cost. If I had a political career it would not amount to anything if I were in any way responible for not eliminating this threat. In the back of my mind I thought that was how President Bush felt. His actions are leading me to have my doubts. I would prefer our military might was unleashed and we levelled Baghdad. Then pull back and if the enemy reconstitutes itself, level the cesspool again,and again, if necessary. There really was no need to start a policing action right off the get-go. If we really are in a true fight to the death, let's act like it and destroy our enemy. Offering up our soldiers one by one to appease the Islamic masses is unconscionable.

America must continue to fully support Israel. I believe this is the linch-pin for all of our success in the world. God has granted US the status of the lone super-power in the world at this time. What we do with it will determine where we line up in the battle of Armegeddon. I am very scared if liberals get in charge and try to appease our known enemies by throwing our known Ally, Israel, overboard our country cannot be forgiven.

If the war on terror (as it is being waged now, or if and when the Democrats get ahold of it) is the first nail in America's coffin. The second, I believe will be multi-culturalism. It seems to me that our country cannot stand if we divide ourselves up in such a way that there are many groups with seperate agendas. People used to come to America to be Americans first, now everyone wants to retain their seperate identity first. We simply cannot afford to grow through immigration,we need to grow from within at least equal to foreigners coming here.

And finally, what I think will be the final nail in America's coffin will be when we sanction cloning. Deep in my heart I thoroughly believe that when we start to play God in such a way, God himself will cut US off. Since the founding of America God has blessed US. It is because we have followed Him. Cloning is Pandora's box and once it is opened it cannot be shut. Who knows, maybe the cloning of a human has been successfully performed already. If that is the case we really are near the END.

Monday, November 06, 2006

World Newswatch November 6, 2006

Nicaragua elects communist president, another in our hemisphere. But Jimmy Carter is there to put his stamp of approval on it.

Saddam verdict is in, after the sentence is carried out maybe the Iraqipeople can try to give peace a chance. But probably not until after their violence affects our elections here. Read here what our liberal compatriots would have US overlook.

Tomorrow is election day HERE in America, I would like to see if every eligible voter got out and did their duty which side the chips will fall on. I know the answer , because we are a conservative country. That is why the liberals always fake to the right to get elected. Unfortunately that is what the conservatives do also, except their pull back to the left leaves them just a little closer to the middle.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Unabashed Liberalism Undercuts and Undermines

I saw it last night with my own two eyes. I was watching the Kings game and announcer Grant Napear was whining about a few spots in the game where the team was not doing so well. As if they are supposed to play the whole game flawlessly and the Timberwolves were to be the compliant victims. So I turned down the volume on the T.V. and the Kings started playing better (imagine that!). Then came halftime and with the sound still down on the T.V. I saw liberalism and socialism try to infect the viewership. I could see it clearly because I could not hear what they were saying, but the visual half of their presentation contained the full message. The first real rain of the season is upon us. The Newscast already was watching for FLOOD DANGER, at least that's what the headline banner stated. The Governator (who is winning handily in the polls, I might add) has been priming the pump in Washington for flood relief dollars from the federal government ever since Katrina. Supposedly, Sacramento's levees are going to fail. Soon. That makes it a post- Katrina , pre-disaster warning of impending future disaster.

So there you have it. Sooner or later Sacramento will have a devastating flood of Biblical proportions. And someone, incredibly prophetic, will get credit for being exceedingly prognostic. We here in Sacramento have our place saved in the line of future victims. So save some batteries, a radio,some bottled water and some toilet paper. Maybe Bush will turn the hurricane machine on California this winter.
Be prepared.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Let's ALL get out and vote!

If we really want to see how America feels about things we all need to get out the vote. The spinmeisters are all spinning the pollmeisters are all polling and most everyone has made up their minds. I, for one, have not been polled. That's too bad because I do have opinions. I vote every time, even the special elections. It is a very liberating feeling to have your own two cents count for something. Then you have the right to complain.

Sure some things have been mucked up by those in office, but it is not just one party that has dropped the ball. Both( or should I say all) parties, like human beings, are fallible. For they are all made up of, by and for people of all kinds of interests and goals and perceptions of how the world should be. We must all pick the parties and individual politicians who best represent our own interests.

All the smears going on are very distasteful to me. Also I think it shows a lack of depth. The misdirection the mainstream media continues to purvey toward the uneducated and illiterate voters is astounding. The talking heads are so full of their own ability to guide these wayward thinkers into their own camp, they insult everyone whose ideas are contrary. Sometimes we must all think for the present day, sometimes for the near future, and sometimes long term. It seems to me that liberalism is always rooted in the shorter terms, and ramifications have never totally been accounted for. Sometimes I think conservatism is too locked into safe mode where the status quo is too highly regarded. But there has to be something solid to plan on when a person is trying to build wealth, or start a business. Changeing the rules every time there is a perceived slight in one small faction group creates a herky-jerky track that everybody has to run on.

So lets all get out and do our patriotic duty, and let our voices be heard. It is for this right , more than any other(besides the right to stay alive) that our brave men and women have fought and given great sacrifices to preserve and protect. In new and burgeoning democracies the percentage of electorate that actually get out and vote is very high. We should lead by example in this as in other areas where we have proven superiority. Ours is the greatest nation in the history of this planet, let's prove why that is so.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Journalist and the Countrymen.

Journalists around the world have an agenda , and what motivates them is not the forthright dissemination of events taking place. It is not even the reporting of happenstance for the greater good of all with rightousness triumphing gloriously over wickedness. It is all for the furthurence of their own journalistic prowess, power, and influence of world events. Incredibly they feel they, and their views are more important than the events themselves taking place. One of the more amazing phenomena I have witnessed is how in all western countries how similarly reporters go about putting forth their agenda under the guise of unbiased reporting. If they could come out and clearly state their ideas and opinions I would not have as much disdain for their cowardly and antagonistic anarchy. Just give US the facts please and keep your editorializing, puckish, defeatist, leftist, godless, wimpy, blather to yourselves and the weasely vermin who can be so easily led by your anti-american, pro-death vulture watch.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Warning

We're warning N.Korea not to sell Nukes. We warned them not to fire missiles, warned them not to make nukes, we warned Iran not to refine uranium. The United States is doing an awful lot of warning with nothing to back it up. We can all thank the liberal Democratic Party for this conundrum. After 9/11/2001 our country needed to talk tough and to be tough. President Bush had the balls to stand up and make a statement most of the country felt that was the right thing to do at that time. Take on the terrorists head to head and man to man. But don't forget our fighting women, there are many and we are all proud. Ever since that first round of "bi-partisanship" politics have been played on both sides. I feel the side that conservative Republicans err on is the side of safety and staying alive first and secondly rights and liberties. The liberals want to give too much credit and goodwill to our enemies. When terrorizing the masses is concerned we can't forget they are targeting our innocent civilians, men, women and children. The Democrats? Where do they stand? I believe there is a difference between the liberal and the more conservative can I say true Democrats. Just like I say conservative and true (more liberal?)Republicans. All Politicians want to get elected and then to stay elected. It is their livelihood, and you (we) should all pray that their intentions, liberal or conservative, have the countries best interests at heart. Somehow our country must come together to defeat all these enemies that are gathering at our doorstep or we will lose our way of life. That is what Chaos will bring. That's why they are targeting our economy, if only they can knock US off our high horse, they will be happy. Even if they eat dirt for the rest of their lives.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The United Nations' Relevency Evaporating.

The U.N. is voting to confirm Venezuela as a security council member. If this happens the US should pull out of this craven council of dictators and terrorists. The U.N. has blocked US in everything we have tried to do for the good of the world. We should let them see what their body can do without our help or clout. Very few countries have gone along with US on a variety of issues, from human rights to economics to environmental concerns around the world. As the lone superpower in the world we are looked upon to police all the rough neighborhoods in the world. But nobody else wants to help out, even when conflicts directly affect their communities. I believe the reason for this is so we are entangled and weakened, giving our enemies a chance to evaluate our abilities and weapons systems.

The U.N. has proven to be susceptible to corruption and dishonesty. They have failed to live up to their obligations in many countries and are responsible for the rise of Islamic Fascism. Basically, the U.N. is afraid of anything they can't control. They know they control US, and Israel, and other nations who are trying to do what is right. But countries that outright defy the U.N. seem to get a pass. Maybe the U.N. should be expelled from our country and set up in France, or Spain or Egypt. Then we can treat them like an enemy when their decisions threaten US. All the up and coming wannabe powers in the world are making decisions in the U.N. that weaken and dissolve our ability to defend ourselves, our allies, and our way of life.

When push comes to shove everybody wants US on their side. Russia is in decline and sinking fast, you know how dangerous it is to try and save someone who is drowning. China is climbing up the mountain, but needs US as a trading partner, for now. Europe is jealous and ahead of the curve on socialisms destuctive consequences. Our true friends Australia, the U.K., Canada, Israel, India,Eastern Europe(ex-communist), a few Central and South American countries, and Japan could form a new union of countries that won't need to go to a bunch of communists and dictators to secure their safety and agendas in a world gone mad. Sooner or later we must divorce ourselves from the U.N. or be further weakened until even the weak can do US great harm.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Isn't it ironic

Before 9/11 the Corey Lidle plane crash story would be a tragedy about a real nice guy who unfortunately died in a plane crash. Now, post 9/11 , it's almost a relief it wasn't a terrorist attack. It is so unfortunate, yet also fortunate, in a backhanded way that now we are thinking in terms of a higher purpose. Our lives do mean something if we make something out of it. Our creative desire mirrors our creators inspired diorama.

Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea starts the ball rolling...

The Axis of Evil is a three headed serpent. Iraq has been nuetralized for the time being. Iran is a tough nut to crack. North Korea is the catalyst that will ignite the global conflagration we will simply call WWIII. Along with this trinity of by-blows there is also Russia, China,Syria, Venezuela, and Afghanistan/Pakistan. What is a poor free world to do? Nobody wants war. But when so many nations do not want peace, our choices are really made for US.

I still believe ,contrary to the liberals who continue to press for capitulation, that Iraq was the right move. Primarily because there we could show the world that we meant business. And it was also the easiest place to get started. From there though, we had to continue to make bold moves, not get bogged down by worrying about being too mean, or brutal, or whatever. This is a fight for our survival, whether the liberals choose to believe it or not. In the early stages of WWII there was a lot of the same second guessing and wishy-washy nihilistic presuppositions. That nearly got US speaking German or becoming a bar of soap, as Savage says. I truly am grateful to our fighting men and women for answering the call, doing their duty, and risking their lives for what I believe to be a very noble cause. I would like to believe if I could serve, I would , and I would be willing to risk everything to fight the good fight, and prevail for our country,and the free world. As Gandalf said, "It is not for us to choose the time,but to do what is right with the time we are given". Even though that story is make-believe it is paralleling our own times, and the fight against evil someday soon I am afraid we must all engage in.

Iran could not have been tackled without first dealing with Iraq. But we cannot wait until they are testing nukes to do something about them. Ahmadinajhad is just as psychotic as Kim Jung Ill, but he has a lot more support on the Street of Muslim Fools. The possibility of all the unrest in all the various countries being orchestrated toward the single goal of weakening or destroying US maybe paranoia, or may be the plot. Showdowns are scheduled for high noon. Luckily it's two minutes to midnight (Wait a second), and there is still time to do something. Whereas China and Russia are blocking US on Iran, they more than likely will be with US on North Korea. I may be a little slow, but I would guess it's because of the oil. Iran is definitely watching what the U.N. and the US say and do to N.K. So a strong message can be sent. Diplomacy can still possibly win the day. The opposition party here and pacifists the world over will likely blame Bush for whatever might go wrong, and will not give credit if things go right. But seeking credit and legacy building is what got US into all this trouble to begin with. I am connfident that Bush 43 knows that his legacy will be re-evaluated when these problems are long since solved, on earth or in heaven.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

World NewsWatch

Senators who voted no first, then yes on the Border Fence. The cloture vote ( to get the bill to the floor) was opposed by these Senators who voted yes on the "show" vote. Barbara Boxer, California- Thomas Carper, Delaware- Hillary Rodham Clinton, New York- Christopher J. Dodd, Connecticut- Thomas Harkin, Iowa- Herb Kohl, Wisconsin- Barack Obama, Illinois- Charles E. Shumer, New York. The nerve of these people to play politics with Americans security.

3,000 people in Bern Switzerland supprt Israel in peaceful demonstrations.

Governor Arnold Shwarzenegger vetoes all three sexual indoctrination bills, AB 606, AB 1056, AB 1437.

China nails down Iraq's first post Saddam oil contracts. American treasure and lives are on the line and China is reaping rewards as they are also building up their military.

5 Amish schoolgirls are murdered by a deranged gunman.

President Bush is in Sacramento fund raising for Republican congressmen.

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is getting tarred and feathered by congressman Foley's foibles.

Fifth largest wildfire in California history has been contained.

Monday, October 02, 2006

An Ironic Twist

It's almost comical that the Muslim Fundamentalists fund their violent jihad with drug money and selling sinful things like pornography and alcohol. Where do they get off pretending to be so pious and holy? If the world could see through this hypocracy maybe they would not be afforded the benefit of the doubt in this idealogical struggle. We in the west are expected to be a cut above in all our dealings with Islam, like treatment of prisoners of war, vocal dissent of our beliefs, and how we conduct ourselves in general with people of all faiths. Only when we decide to drop the facade of ecumenical equality will we be able to root out the vermin hiding behind this "religion". A religion that is also a political movement and a way to whitewash the hideous behavior of adherants who are openly doing the work of the devil himself. We are commanded in the Bible to judge all things by the word of God rightly dividing the truth. God said we would know a tree by the fruit it bears. We know the fruit of Islam is violence , lying, degredation of women, disrespecting all other human beings who are not Muslim, the horrible treatment of animals, and a selfishness that is apalling. Only when the civilized world wakes up to what Mohammad's adherents are trying to achieve and refuses to accept that outcome do we have a chance to stem the tide and send Islam back into the dark ages where it belongs.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The NIE, Olberman, and Wacked-out commies.

I was thinking about the liberals demented world view while reading a few of their comments on a story about Keith Olberman. I think I understand at least a little of their pathology. The commenteer was a woman, I think, and put Olberman on her "list" over Clooney, and Viggo. That list could have been merited on deep-thinking but I doubt it. I think liberals look at everything through sensual or sex-related thought patterns. That is why the young generation is so vulnerable to liberalism. These youngsters are becoming aware of their place as adults relating to other adults. Being Idealistic and naive, but also coming to grips with their sexuality, they can easily be manipulated by their "wise" men and women. You go to a rally to bash Bush, or light candles for Tsunami victims, or celebrate Noam Chompsky, or a party or a concert, if you are a young red-blooded male you want to look for chicks. Young guys will do anything , or say anything, to get in their good graces. These young ladies have even more power than they normally would in a mixed company situation. Everybody, when they are young, is some variation of a Utopian. Whatever world you come from there is hope for perfection, comfort and peace. It is when the real world meets a persons imaginary world that beliefs are galvanized or shattered. Liberals are like spoiled little kids who have to have it their way, or no way.

I am a realistic person, I have spent many years in many fantasy worlds. I have also spent many years in cold hard reality. I like my fantasy world so much better but there is a part of me that knows I have to wake up someday and pay some bills. An old wise friend once said, "we'll just have to keep working until the mailman stops coming". Nobody ever gave me much or really helped me get going, but that's o.k. Because there is a sense of satisfaction in getting to your goals by your own hard work. I think liberalism is the easy way out, that is why there are so many adherent's to it's philosophy. Instead of being charitable yourself, have the Govt. do it. Instead of working hard to start a business, get a union job. Need health care? The state should take care of that, too. Some people want to control, and some people want to be controlled. That is where so many liberals /socialists find each other, on the lazy side of town. One encouraging thought before I go is that the young liberals are even too lazy to vote.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hugo Chavez says...

Hugo Chavez came to the US and spouted off. He called President Bush the Devil, and insulted our country on consumerism, and materialism. I heard Charlie Rangel come to the defense of our President and our Country. The right wing punditry said even the oft out-spoken Charlie Range ldenounced Chavez' words. But actually Rangel is the only one I heard Democrat or Republican, who stood up and called Chavez on his ridiculous commentary.

Mahmood Ahmadinijhad came into our country also. Basically he beat Chavez to the punch. I am not sure why our authorities even allowed these two confederates into our country. Perhaps it was to use words and ideas right out of the horses mouth, so to speak, to illustrate how our enemies are mobilizing and gathering into a covenant against the US. Most Americans won't wake up until the first shots are fired in this new twist in the assault on American hegemony. The obvious collusion between these two leaders is alarming. They control a lot of oil resources and no doubt would put US "over a barrel" if they could. There are ways of getting back at them I hope our leaders are working on until they "get a shot". America haters are uniting all over the world, and I wish we could see what would happen if their dreams came true and we were out of their way. Before you know it they would all be fighting each other and the bloodshed would quantify.

World peace depends on someone being the referee. Right now that is US. I guess all the players are going to blame the ref for all of their shortcomings, and inadequacies. I know God has given US this task and I guess we must hold on until His plan is fulfilled. I am praying enough people in our country feel this way, too. Because as soon as there is no referee chaos will reign supreme.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Why such thin skins?

The Pope delivered a speech in which he called into question Islam's jihad mentality. And it's propensity toward violent outbursts of objection to any critcism came forth like a hurricane. Immediately in the news there were staged protests, some of them quite violent. The Pope was really just stating the obvious and now there is probably a fatwah against him. What is it that makes these Jihad types so unable to look at themselves in the mirror of other peoples opinions of them? I can think of a few things myself.

1. Their religion is false, and deep down they know it.
2. As a "great world religion" they have come last, therefore need to overcompensate.
3. Everywhere in the world where Islam is reigning you have horrible human conditions.
4. The fact that Islam is a political movement as well as a religion.
5. Humiliation is such a powerful wedge weapon in their culture, and really, they should be ashamed of themselves as a force in the world. They(The Muslims) have done nothing to make things better for themselves or the world in general. All they exportreally is violence and war, and maybe Opium, from Afghanistan.
6. Their sense of superiority over everyone else just blinds and deafens them.

So why such thin skins? I have come to think it is because of their unbelief. If the light of day were ever shined on Islam with all it's tenements and teachings people would be stunned and perhaps a little frightened, and justifyably so. Here is a religion/ political ideology that is litterally lying in wait in many countries right now, waiting for their advance men to start the global jihad. Will the moderate Muslims join in? Maybe, if they feel their side has a chance of getting the upper hand. Meanwhile every little thing said against them is so egregious they feel compelled to lash out like their lives are threatened. That is how we should be reacting when threats are made to kill westerners for their unbelief. It really is bass-ackwards, and upside-down. But getting back to the Muslims thin skins, because this shows to me a weakness that can be exploited. Their hatred is so consuming that they can be exposed with the right bait. I pray for the day when meaningful, thoughtful,discussions can take place between Christians and Muslims. Then we (the Christians) can witness to open ears and minds about the saving grace of God the Father through his son Jesus Christ. I am afraid right now the Muslims are so wrapped up in their cult they will not be receptive to the Gospel. I think when Mohammad took his vision from the "Angel, Gabriel" it was really a demonic spirit, and sooner or later the doctrine of Demons would cross paths with God's revealed word and we would be where we are now. And that is on the verge of all out war with maniacal adherents to a demonic philosophy of hatred and violence and war against all that is good and stands by the true word of God. For it is written; "If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book". Let's all pray for the good and peaceful Muslims to get out of that death cult and into the saving grace of God, through our lLord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Political correctness is the terrorists kryptonite.

With our overpowering military might I guess it's just not a fair fight. So our world citizen senators have decided to level the playing field. Even ex-secretary of state Colin Powell seems to be ceding our advantages away as he's trying to gain some kind of approval from the World . It seems to me to be obvious the Geneva Conventions mind set will not work with enemy combatants. This is an asymetrical war we are fighting. Every time we treat this enemy like a Nation/State we give them great advantages. They will never abide by any rules or treaties, in fact it's just the opposite, rules and treaties make it easier for them to continue the fight. The desire to treat enemy prisoners so kindly so they would treat our soldiers captured the same is ludicrous. So basically we are handing them a powerful tool to use against US. If we tried to fight this way in W.W.II we would have never won.

I wonder how far all this can go before we drop the gloves and get down to business eliminating the enemy that has sworn to kill US. I personally don't like living with a hammer over my head just waiting for it to drop. Israel just went through this when engaging Hezboolah, and the world media only want to focus on what the good guys do wrong. And they will only look at what the good guys are even doing. So our enemy has the impunity to operate in shadows and do whatever they feel like and poor old Gulliver can be tied down by his own rules and regulations. I believe this will come to an end when the enemy get's a good shot at US and does harm US. It's unfortunate, how many Americans will have to die before our politicians figure out what kind of fight we are in?

Monday, September 11, 2006

We are Aware!

If nothing else happens to make US safer in the GWOT at least we are safer because we are now aware of who and what can try and do US harm. The liberals are constantly backbiting and sniping our governments efforts to keep US safe. Last I checked we have not had an attack on U.S. soil in five years. Back on 9/11/ 2001 nobody would have thought that there would not be another attack in even the next two years. These same liberals claim we have lost so many civil liberties in the interim. I catagorically reject these arguments. What good are civil liberties if they give someone the right to kill you? You cannot go back and get anything for it if you are dead, can you? Therefore what good does it do? I think the only ones who are clamoring for their civil liberties are those who would like to reserve the right to break laws. So they will jeapordize their life for the right to buy drugs, or prostitutes, or child pornography or some other demented nefarious activity they are planning.

The liberals claim the war in Iraq was a mistake. However, watching all the 5 year anniversary coverage of 9/11 I am struck by how many liberal and conservative pundits and politicians on that very day were calling for pre-emption and targeting nations that harbor and sponsor acts of terrorism and the terrorists themselves. They were calling for these actions even before President Bush himself came out and said the same things. All the good will and political coming together that was ostensibly for the betterment of our country has evaporated into political posturing and finger pointing and blaming the other guy over tactics and policies that no one can ever know if that was the exact best way. The results, however, speak for themselves and we have NOT been attacked since, and I cannot emphasize that enough.

Not knowing the entirety of the Republicans and President Bush's war plans, on the surface it seems to me to be a brilliant strategic move. Whereas before 9/11 we had no chance to try and deal with Iran over in the middle east, now we are based right next door in Iraq. Now I hope and pray that this was the plan, and it won't be wasted by allowing all the naysayers and pacifists to pull US out of Iraq. That being said, it is still in line with what President Bush stated later that night(9/11) about how our country would deal with terrorism and countries that aid and abet terrorists. That is one thing about our President that has endeared me to him, he means what he says and follows through with it. Even when the organized Media is pulling out all the stops to defuse and undermine his administrations ability to follow through with their(right minded, I might add) method to eliminate this threat for ever. Why do so many Americans not see this threat for what it is? This enemy has come right out and said what their intentions are, is not that enough to marshall our forces and get ready to fight for our country and families future?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Swimming in safe waters ?

Steve Irwin was killed swimming in shallow water by what appeared to be a docile creature. More than likely his guard was down. Sting-Rays can defend themselves with their tails as weapons that obviously can kill. This incident was very unfortunate, and also a little parallel to the world situation our country finds itself in.
A lot of people in the US don't think our lives are in danger. They are swimming around with their guards down, trusting all the "critters" out there not to be able to sneak in a fatal blow. It is really rare for a sting ray to be able to kill a person but it can and did happen. It would also be extremely rare for terrorists to be able to hurt a free country fatally. That is what they are trying to do. The more we take them lightly, or go on with a 9/10 2001 attitude the more danger we put ourselves in. After the elections this year I hope the American people can live with the choices they have made. Undoubtedly we deserve whatever we get. I keep wondering if God will pass judgement on US for our apostasy and selfishness. Right now we must deal with Iran before they become a nuclear power. Or our children will spend the rest of their lives swimming with sharks.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

News Watch

I am starting to wonder about the Media's compliance to misdirect the attention of the American people. First we have the non-stories incessantly brayed upon. Ernesto, John Karr, Katrina,Valerie Plame, steroids in baseball, Britney Spears,Survivor's teams, etc. etc. .

Then we have the stories we just aren't hearing much about. Like Islamic Jihad around the world, and even right here in the good ole U.S. of A. The San Francisco driver rampage yesterday, a good case in point. In Seattle the shootings of those women at the Synagogue, Ahmadinajhad's insane rantings, in Texas that guy that blew himself up , the N.C.U. driver rampage, Malvo and Mohammad's sniper spree, etc. . You get the point, there actually have been a lot of drip terrorist attacks within the U.S.A. It seems a concerted effort to try and not tie all these incidents together, and I have to wonder, why? I know the hatred of our President among the power elites on the left is staggering, blinding them to anything he does, to always have a sinister motive. But we need to take all the measures our Govt. is taking and more. Our borders are vulnerable and have been since 9-11. I cannot fathom why something was not done at our southern border right after we were struck with that sucker punch. Security is being tightened up but it is now 5 years later. Anybody venture to guess how many more terrorists have exploited that entry point in the last 5 years? When the famous quote "If you trade liberties for security you shall have neither" was uttered there was no possibility of a couple wacko's having the potential to kill millions of people in an instant. We can no longer rest assured that there isn't anybody out there that would not dare to do harm to innocent people. The 'religion of peace' has spawned millions of deranged zealots who claim to be willing to kill themselves, their children, and everybody else to have a go at a materialistic 'Martyrdom' they are not willing to work hard to achieve right here on Earth. Nobody seems to want to lift the veil on this "religion" and see who is really behind it. I know for certain that it is Satan. God said we will know the tree by the fruit it bears. Well look at the fruit the tree of Islam is bearing. I know politicians, world leaders, the media are all afraid of offending 1/5th of the worlds population. You know what, I don't care anymore about offending these people who are seduced by demons from the very pit of Hell. Maybe shining a light on the evil will cause some to come out of this servitude to Satanic forces. I know we are commanded to preach the gospel and try and convert as many of these poor deluded individuals as possible, but many have CHOSEN TO BELIEVE A LIE. The serpent is wrapped tightly around their necks and they too, are afraid of what happens should they try to convert. This my friends is a conundrum. Their 'prophet' created it this way,actually quite brilliantly, to capture as many souls as possible and to destroy God's work as thoroughly as is being done right here right now.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Inventors can win this war on terror!

Our nation is dependent on foreign oil. The whole western world is run on fossil fuel energy primarily. The Islamic fascist terrorists are dependent on revenue from this same energy source. We are basically funding our enemies ability to wage war on ourselves. If our country was dedicated to beating this adversary we would do whatever it takes to triumph over the enemy. We must develope technology, like the Manhattan project, technology that pushes us beyond all our foes. There are many sources of energy, and even a few not yet developed. We already have solar, electric, nuclear, wind and water. Maybe its magnetic or centrigual, gravitational, or some other wonderful invention. I am saying I know someone in our great nation can come up with something that would work. When we had to come up with nuclear energy first, we did. Now we must
come up with an alternative energy to power our economy first, then we will win against these terrorists. Let the terrorists choke on their oil.

Our efforts must be national in their scope and participation. Somehow our country must come together or it will be so much more difficult to win this fight. Our enemy is mutual, they may even want our liberal compatriots dead first, unless they can use them to further weaken and divide our country. The best intentions ever given to another can still be used to destroy the benefactor. Right now it seems a high percentage of Americans belive their Government capable of committing atrocities they would not even suspect of enemies that are coming right out and saying "death to America" to be guilty of committing. As alarming as that is are the numbers of undereducated youth setting out every year with the right to vote and an agenda to elect someone who promises to give them something never seems to go down. Nothing good is ever really "free". Nor is it ever really easy. When our whole country realizes we will all have to give up something to defeat this enemy, and is really ready to sacrifice, then we can win and probably win rather easily.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Saturday, August 05, 2006 You have got to read this! I am not sure how many lies are mixed in, but there are a lot of truths.

and This!

This stuff says so much about what is going on.

Friday, July 28, 2006

War has been declared on Israel and America. Western civilization is being threatened.Personally, when someone threatens me I take them seriously. How can you not? Almost everybody that is paying attention to world events feels like something is about to happen. Islam itself is the problem. I know there are good people caught up in that false religion. Islam is incapable of purging itself of these self inflicted problems. The evil that their adherents display is unbelievable. Some for the doing and some for the condoning, no God-fearing people would allow something like this to creep in and destroy their religion. I know that Islam is what 1/4 or 1/5 of the worlds population, that still leaves 4/5 or 3/4 of humankind to deal with this malignancy. Someday we all have to deal with this problem. They are making their intentions known, and they will not stop until their objective has been achieved, or they are dead. With the hate being taught to every new generation the cycle will continue. I think we in America are too nice to fight an effective war at this stage. But let an attack that inflicts mass casualties on us happen and the whole world may be surprised at our fury. That is one of my fears, that instead of logically proceeding toward the goal of neutralizing and destroying our enemy now when it will not be as difficult. We will wait and hesitate until all out war is our only option. We have the power to stop this at the time of our own choosing now, but dithering away our advantage is so stupid, we will end up just like the Europeans.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The End from the Beginning

The good Lord knows all things. This should be a comfort to us all. Some people think they know what is better for us all than everyone else. As ridiculous as that sounds we are most likely all guilty to one degree or another of thinking in that way. Today I will let God guide my way. I would like to give everyone credit for doing what they think is best or for God really guiding their paths. Maybe someday some way we can see that at least for a moment we were all pulling in the same direction, if only for a moment.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Taking the fight to the enemy.

When we were all young we all probably had to face a bully in our lives, maybe it was out on the schoolyard or maybe a mother or father, or sibling. The logic is always the same, take care of your problem or it just grows and grows. I applaud President Bush for figuring this out and doing something about it. I am eternally grateful to the brave men and women who continue to sign up to fight this fight for us all. Certain politicians seem to let their careers or cowardices come between themselves and correct decisions about what needs to be done. Jack Murtha ,John Kerry, and their kind only seem to make decisions that enbolden our enemy and weaken our position. We are in a death struggle with a determined enemy with fanatical religious ideology. Who knows what they are capable of doing. I know we are capable of dealing with them now like we are. Not letting go of our chokehold and giving them another chance to regroup. What skeletons do you suppose are in Murthas closet that would make him decide to try to sidestep victory into American defeat?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Bin Laden is next!

It will be a great day for the whole world. Osama and Zawahiri, You are next! All you Muslim fanatics remember, we will all be judged by the same judgement. Don't be too eager to shed blood. Yours or anybody elses. Life is sacred,Nicolas Berg's father is right about that, but cancer has to be cut out. A Rattlesnake, or Black Widow must ALWAYS be killed on sight. So too should ANY person who threatens other peoples safety or very lives! That is what this generation owes the next. Poor old Abu Musab AL-Zarqawi, he thought his eternal reward would be 72 virgins and gardens and feasts. I believe he will sleep until the resurrection, then he will face God and the Angels and be condemned to the second death, cast alive into the lake of fire, his hatred and evil to perish forever. The smoke of the end of all these evil beings will rise forever as a reminder to all what will become of all if we do not get right with our Lord. Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life. Peace be upon all mankind.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

On Islam, Iran and future conflict.

With each passing day it becomes more clear to me that we need our national focus sharpened. There is an enemy out there that has sworn to kill us. My rational mind says when threatened like that, do whatever it takes to eliminate the threat. Our elected officials are more worried about homosexuals and p.c . b.s. than taking all necessary steps to confront and annihilate our sworn enemies. It may sound drastic, but we have no choice other than to kill or be killed. There will be no negotiating with these unregenerate vipers. The nature of Islam ( which means submission) is to try to bring the whole world under its oppression, by force if necessary. They call US the " Great Satan", but even in their scriptures does man not have free will to serve "Allah" or not. They seem to desire a bunch of robots all bowing down 5 times a day but not really seving God. If they really had the spirit of God within themselves they would give people a chance to learn and to grow and become who the Lord wanted them to be and let God make His judgement upon them. That is why America and other Democracies are so threatening to them, because it is more like the spiritual realm in that we all make choices and suffer the consequences. Iran, being the seat of Islam in the world seems to be pushing for a fight. Islamic unrest appears to be fomenting all around the world. I believe in Biblical prophecies and see fulfillments of them happening before my very eyes. How so many people would choose to believe a lie is astounding to me, but there you have it, battle lines are being drawn and people are lining up on either side, I wish that it will not come down to this but in the end we should all pray that the Lord's will be done on earth as it is in heaven, this day and every day.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

What in the world?10 Questions that need answers.

  • Why does President Bush want all these illegal aliens in our country?
  • Will America eventually collapse when liberalism completely undermines our ethical foundation?
  • How come so many people can't see the threats we are facing?
  • Where is the evidence that Islam has ever been peaceful?
  • Who are Americas enemies? And Why?
  • Is America aborting out our population growth?
  • Are we already a socialist country?
  • How come it is so hard for human beings to obey God's laws?
  • When will the Lord decide enough is enough?
  • Why is our military expected to defend US with one arm tied behind their backs?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

What we have to fear...

With the blessings of another day upon us it seems only logical to take time out and weigh the good and beautiful against the bad and ugly. Our nation is at war. There are many people here in the U.S. who do not believe we have a real, determined enemy that would do anything,ANYTHING to take us down. These ostriches are willing to bet all of our lives on their foolhardy notion that this really isn't a fight to the death. As much as I hate the idea of war and bloodshed, throughout the course of history there have been times necessary for the good God-loving peaceful countries in this world to stand up and crush whatever evil and violent threats come near to destroying their cocoon of perceived security. As long as we live in a fallen world we will never EVER have true world peace. It is most unfortunate that we have to raise our children into such a system. But that is where we are now. Reality, being what it is demands something be done. Waiting around for an attack will not strengthen our resolve or diminish these threats. Some people get tired of hearing, or thinking about it,I too am tired of it. That being said , if our nation is to survive we must deal with ALL the threats to our great country. To those whom much is given much is required, our nation has been so blessed by God it is required of us to do God's will, or suffer whatever consequences he sees fit.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The sign of the times

Earthquakes, Wars, Disease, and Peoples love growing cold. These are some of the signs of the times. What does it mean? If we only look at the bad things it can't be good. I would like to get people to realize there may not be a lot of time to get their acts together. At any given time it could be the last day for any one of us. The choices we have made could make a difference, in a loved ones life or in our own. For myself and (hopefully) my family we will try to serve the Lord. I don"t always want to be a downer thinking all these morbid thoughts and seemingly negative implications. However it is God's will that we go out and bring the good news to whomever will receive it. So that is my mission here, to try and relate current events reconciling them to the word of God as best as I can and maybe someone out there can be helped. Earthquakes; today in Indonesiathere was a big one and at least 46 people were killed. For them today is the day of the lord. Wars;around the world Islam is rising up and spreading hatred and violence against all who do not believe in their warped theology. Disease; The bird flu, Aids,whooping cough, polio mumps etc. And peoples love growing cold,how can that be illustrated? The mountaineer climbing Mount Everest succumbing to the conditions and nobody stopped their climb up to help bring him back down. Or terrorists blowing up innocent men, women and children for their self rightous causes. On and on and on. We must never forget that our creator loves us. So much so that he gave his only begotten son , so that we might have life and life more abundantly. Jesus tore down the wall seperating us from God gave us the chance to know freedom from the bondage of serving ourselves. Whereby we can try to help others find the joy in knowing we do not have to continue displeasing our loving creator.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Prayer for America

As the first of many postings(hopefully), heres to the good book. Blessed are they who deny themselves and follow the one true God. Please give us the strength to do what is right, not what appears easy. The world these days seems to be spinning out of control. It is out of our control, but not the lords. When the leaders of some countries are seeking war the strong nations must resist the impulse to give them what they want. It may be that they can gain some advantage even in defeat. Hiding their weakness behind their bluster creates the illusion of confidence other weak countries rally around. Never before has the fate of the whole world hung in the balance of just a few madmen. These maniacs have no regard for anybody, but their own lusts for power and greed rule their every action.When will God get tired of all of us? When I look out at Americas future I am very worried,the youth today seem so pre-occupied with material and sensual gratification it does not seem possible we can regenerate wholesome good clean god fearing god loving human beings. Am I wrong ,I hope so. Every generation probably felt something along these lines but to me it seems so much worse than I can ever remember it being. So I will start my blog run with this one simple prayer, Dear Lord please give us the strength to serve you with all our hearts and with all our minds, Please save our country,in Jesus name we pray AMEN.