Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hugo Chavez says...

Hugo Chavez came to the US and spouted off. He called President Bush the Devil, and insulted our country on consumerism, and materialism. I heard Charlie Rangel come to the defense of our President and our Country. The right wing punditry said even the oft out-spoken Charlie Range ldenounced Chavez' words. But actually Rangel is the only one I heard Democrat or Republican, who stood up and called Chavez on his ridiculous commentary.

Mahmood Ahmadinijhad came into our country also. Basically he beat Chavez to the punch. I am not sure why our authorities even allowed these two confederates into our country. Perhaps it was to use words and ideas right out of the horses mouth, so to speak, to illustrate how our enemies are mobilizing and gathering into a covenant against the US. Most Americans won't wake up until the first shots are fired in this new twist in the assault on American hegemony. The obvious collusion between these two leaders is alarming. They control a lot of oil resources and no doubt would put US "over a barrel" if they could. There are ways of getting back at them I hope our leaders are working on until they "get a shot". America haters are uniting all over the world, and I wish we could see what would happen if their dreams came true and we were out of their way. Before you know it they would all be fighting each other and the bloodshed would quantify.

World peace depends on someone being the referee. Right now that is US. I guess all the players are going to blame the ref for all of their shortcomings, and inadequacies. I know God has given US this task and I guess we must hold on until His plan is fulfilled. I am praying enough people in our country feel this way, too. Because as soon as there is no referee chaos will reign supreme.

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