Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Swimming in safe waters ?

Steve Irwin was killed swimming in shallow water by what appeared to be a docile creature. More than likely his guard was down. Sting-Rays can defend themselves with their tails as weapons that obviously can kill. This incident was very unfortunate, and also a little parallel to the world situation our country finds itself in.
A lot of people in the US don't think our lives are in danger. They are swimming around with their guards down, trusting all the "critters" out there not to be able to sneak in a fatal blow. It is really rare for a sting ray to be able to kill a person but it can and did happen. It would also be extremely rare for terrorists to be able to hurt a free country fatally. That is what they are trying to do. The more we take them lightly, or go on with a 9/10 2001 attitude the more danger we put ourselves in. After the elections this year I hope the American people can live with the choices they have made. Undoubtedly we deserve whatever we get. I keep wondering if God will pass judgement on US for our apostasy and selfishness. Right now we must deal with Iran before they become a nuclear power. Or our children will spend the rest of their lives swimming with sharks.

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