Monday, November 27, 2006

Sowing the Wind and Reaping the Whirlwind.

Alleigence to America by the American people appears to be wavering. Our economy is based on growth,through population and expanding the middle and upper classes. There are many people out there who think we should be reducing our population by whatever means necessary. As long as we have the farmland and ability to feed our nation we should continue to try and grow our population. Look what is happening in Europe and Russia now. Their birthrates are dwindling and their growth, needed to continue to pay for the growth in their social programs, is dependent on immigration for tax paying workers. However much of the immigrant influx are using up the social services at a similar rate. Third World immigrants come into all these countries seeking their own needs first, not really their new countries needs. I guess it's human nature to try and look out for #1 first, but that is where the trouble starts.

Those who look to hire in America need entry level workers, along with skilled professionals. But we are also raising a whole generation of people who feel they are entitled to some kind of bounty. The Social Security system here is broken and no-one is willing to do the heavy lifting to fix it. We have a whole sub-culture who feel no shame in taking money for nothing. Whether it's by thievery, fraud, pretending to be pathetic, or illicit activities, so many people have no pride in earning their own way and taking care of themselves and their families. Welfare and S.S.I. abuse come directly to mind. How could a healthy person who can work collect money for ruining their lives by drug /alcohol abuse? How can people get money for making a series of stupid choices in their personal lives? On top of that now the new immigrant class is starting to feel that same sense of entitlement. Some how it seems a common human characteristic to forget where you came from. To forget what it took to get to that next level. Humanities house of cards is stacked so high just one straw will bring down a century of progress. At the base is agriculture, shelter, and law and order. These pillars must be kept strong.

With human nature what it is I cannot picture things getting much better. Our nation needs a revival or we might have to let things fall and pick up the pieces. Maybe these terroristic threats are God's way of sending US a wake up call. Even though I am personally aware of the danger I still battle complacency. I believe that we are threatened and it would serve our nation right to get slapped down a few pegs. But since we seem to be the only ones in the world trying to do anything about these problems it would be tragic for the whole world if the U.S.A. were to somehow be nuetralized. Time is short, maybe shorter than anyone realizes. We really don't have the time to re-sort what is right and where we stand as a nation. The Lord is at our door knocking, not acting is a response that will not be tolerated. The time has come to make a stand.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We just looked away for a moment.

This fanatical idealogical movement Islamascism will not quit, take a break, or just fade away. It is a growing, nebulous, borderless disease of a religion. Paralleling the rise of Nazism and even communism. Both movements defeated by the West in the Twentieth Century. Apparently the leaders of this particular strain of human civilicidal virus have detected an opportunity. They are consumers of western media, having figured out how to manipulate the talking heads. Aligning themselves with the Democratic Media Complex, this contingent of Judeo/Christian antagonists are waging an effective war. They carefully orchestrate their violence with news cameras always on the scene. This played out before America's elections recently and with Spains elections a few years ago. They know that we really don't want to fight, being more or less peaceful countries within our own borders. I am sure they feel this is a chance to make a few free moves. The assasination of Lebanese Minister Pierre Gemayel is another step along the way toward their ultimate goal of destroying Israel first, then America.

The holiday weekend is upon US. The media will surely focus on traffic, going to Grandma's house, a turkey that will get a reprieve, football, and assorted nonsense. Out on the horizon is a growing threat that ultimately will threaten the whole free world. It's only a matter of time. My thanksgiving prayers will include a prayer that George W. Bush will not continue to follow in his father's footsteps on using half-measures to fight this fight. When you decide to take on an enemy, and you have the power to win, go for the whole enchilada. That means kick their freakin' @ss. Or is part of political correctness making sure we are just as dead as they are?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

When up is down.

When the Left are right.

When the bad are good.

About face scorn thy reasoning impositions.

Never the lasting prognoses.

Ever the progressive diagnosis.

Continue my clever neurosis.

Grant me my wish list. My psychosis.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

When we finally learn.

In the eye of the storm.

The winds of change blow both ways.

So look up!

For your redemption draws nigh.

The great nation of America is in trouble, I believe. According to the pundits and political watchers we voted for change. Not everybody who was eligible voted and not everybody that voted selected the same candidate. Our country is very evenly divided, and that can be O.K. if everybody has the nations success as a whole in mind when they cast their ballot. With all the talk about leaving Iraq, that war,(already won, I might add) could become a defeat. I am not sure if president Bush was divinely inspired to go in there, but now the situation must be rectified. If we had all gotten on board with Bush's strategy we would probably already be done there and moving on toward Iran. The naysayers threw the war to make Bush look bad,to give him a problem that cannot be fixed within his term. Let's face it ,many in the media elite circles have no love for their country or their military. According to them everything we do when Bush is in charge will be wrong. I kind of look at it like this; America got sucker punched, a pretty good shot, too. The whole country was riled up for a few days after 9/11/2001. The president knew what the right thing to do was to go after the people who had repeatedly attacked US and gotten away with it for the most part with little slaps on the wrist. He stood up and said lets take care of this problem for once and for all. All of America and all of congress and the senators said hell yeah! let's go and take care of this problem. So the president got in front and said "charge!", and went to do battle. Then he turned around and half of his side had left him, alone, for his own side got squishy and stopped giving a full effort, also. That is where we stand now, at a crossroads, victory in the war against terrorism can still be achieved, not without sacrifice, not without all of our nation dedicated to victory at any cost. If I had a political career it would not amount to anything if I were in any way responible for not eliminating this threat. In the back of my mind I thought that was how President Bush felt. His actions are leading me to have my doubts. I would prefer our military might was unleashed and we levelled Baghdad. Then pull back and if the enemy reconstitutes itself, level the cesspool again,and again, if necessary. There really was no need to start a policing action right off the get-go. If we really are in a true fight to the death, let's act like it and destroy our enemy. Offering up our soldiers one by one to appease the Islamic masses is unconscionable.

America must continue to fully support Israel. I believe this is the linch-pin for all of our success in the world. God has granted US the status of the lone super-power in the world at this time. What we do with it will determine where we line up in the battle of Armegeddon. I am very scared if liberals get in charge and try to appease our known enemies by throwing our known Ally, Israel, overboard our country cannot be forgiven.

If the war on terror (as it is being waged now, or if and when the Democrats get ahold of it) is the first nail in America's coffin. The second, I believe will be multi-culturalism. It seems to me that our country cannot stand if we divide ourselves up in such a way that there are many groups with seperate agendas. People used to come to America to be Americans first, now everyone wants to retain their seperate identity first. We simply cannot afford to grow through immigration,we need to grow from within at least equal to foreigners coming here.

And finally, what I think will be the final nail in America's coffin will be when we sanction cloning. Deep in my heart I thoroughly believe that when we start to play God in such a way, God himself will cut US off. Since the founding of America God has blessed US. It is because we have followed Him. Cloning is Pandora's box and once it is opened it cannot be shut. Who knows, maybe the cloning of a human has been successfully performed already. If that is the case we really are near the END.

Monday, November 06, 2006

World Newswatch November 6, 2006

Nicaragua elects communist president, another in our hemisphere. But Jimmy Carter is there to put his stamp of approval on it.

Saddam verdict is in, after the sentence is carried out maybe the Iraqipeople can try to give peace a chance. But probably not until after their violence affects our elections here. Read here what our liberal compatriots would have US overlook.

Tomorrow is election day HERE in America, I would like to see if every eligible voter got out and did their duty which side the chips will fall on. I know the answer , because we are a conservative country. That is why the liberals always fake to the right to get elected. Unfortunately that is what the conservatives do also, except their pull back to the left leaves them just a little closer to the middle.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Unabashed Liberalism Undercuts and Undermines

I saw it last night with my own two eyes. I was watching the Kings game and announcer Grant Napear was whining about a few spots in the game where the team was not doing so well. As if they are supposed to play the whole game flawlessly and the Timberwolves were to be the compliant victims. So I turned down the volume on the T.V. and the Kings started playing better (imagine that!). Then came halftime and with the sound still down on the T.V. I saw liberalism and socialism try to infect the viewership. I could see it clearly because I could not hear what they were saying, but the visual half of their presentation contained the full message. The first real rain of the season is upon us. The Newscast already was watching for FLOOD DANGER, at least that's what the headline banner stated. The Governator (who is winning handily in the polls, I might add) has been priming the pump in Washington for flood relief dollars from the federal government ever since Katrina. Supposedly, Sacramento's levees are going to fail. Soon. That makes it a post- Katrina , pre-disaster warning of impending future disaster.

So there you have it. Sooner or later Sacramento will have a devastating flood of Biblical proportions. And someone, incredibly prophetic, will get credit for being exceedingly prognostic. We here in Sacramento have our place saved in the line of future victims. So save some batteries, a radio,some bottled water and some toilet paper. Maybe Bush will turn the hurricane machine on California this winter.
Be prepared.