Thursday, January 25, 2007

What Happens Next

If our fate is to be determined by Politicians who are only concerned with staying in their elected office, somehow Americans who want our Country to stay strong must unite and throw out these bums before their damage becomes irreperable. Our Military can and will deal with the insurgency if the kid gloves come off. The Appeasement Party of America would rather bow down 5 times a day to Allah to retain their rulership of the American juggernaut.
While there are peaceful ways to win some disagreements, both sides have to be committed to peace in order for negotiations. I would just ask the Bush Haters to imagine your country ruled by sharia Law, preposterous!, you say? What do you think the ultimate goal of our enemy is? How do you think they can achieve their dark vision?
First they will try to destroy our economy, this is already happening. They will then try to string out our Military, this too is happening. Then, they will try to erode American patriotism, Loyalty, and unity. This too is happening. The disagreements over here are aired all over the world, and when some are overcome with vitriol and accusations, the fractures are magnified when foreign press reads into it all that they want to see.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Maybe I Am MicroManaging.

God said "Let vengeance be His".
In His own infinite wisdom and revelation He has led me to this truth. As individuals we can only control ourselves and how we react to the world. We cannot control our fellow Americans, or our enemies around the world. We cannot force anybody to appreciate the research and effort we put out to notify friends, neighbors, and fellow countrymen, the perilous path we are heading down. These enemies have sworn to kill US, and I for one take them at their word on it, not their ability yet, but their goals and desires to do just that. Eventually, when we no longer are engaging them or concerned, is the time I fear they will act.
And that is the time and mindset our elected officials are pushing US toward.
Are we a red country or a blue country? Labeling with colours seems like something you might do in Kindergarten class, but Nationally, in the News?
Both colours conjur up negative connotations to me. Red for association with Communism, Blue for Lasciviousness. Both colours also have good affiliations, a Red heart on Valentines Day exemplifies love. And True Blue, is what it says it is.
I remember not too long ago Red was for the Democrats and Blue was for the Republicans on the National election Maps. I wonder if they decided to switch colours because the Republicans were winning and the Red associated with the Democrats was tainting the public perception of these otherwise well meaning 'American Patriots'.
Maybe what it's really all about is the red and blue fighting each other for the white flag.
Just a thought.

We are still over a barrel.

How come when the price per barrel of oil goes below $50 all of a sudden prices will collapse and oil producers will do whatever they can to gerrymander things upward? The price per barrel rises and so do gas prices and everybody in OPEC is happy. I understand it's a business and we all have to make money, but sooner or later the goose can be killed. I cannot continually raise my prices in my business just because my services are necessary. Neither can food producers, utility companies, or medical services (though they do push the envelope courtesy of insurance companies).
Our economy is tied to the world and the world is tied to US. Maybe we could just get ANWAR on line and that would prohibit this alliance of dictators and communists to tether US to their lifeline. If all it takes is a little downward pressure to really straighten out the price fixing then by all means let's figure a way out.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Could they be the most perfect people?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are moving to New Orleans. Wow, they have picked the most obvious place to reside this side of Paris. It all makes sense. They want to be King and Queen of America, right? Or is it the world? The only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been if Barack Obama was Louisiana's Senator. But I guess after '08 that wouldn't matter either.Their kids will probably like it there. Maybe they could just buy a few thousand more kids from 3rd world countries and start their own city, or they could have their own parish.
I wonder if they will build a Hurricane proof house or fortress. It would not be noble to blame the government when you could live anywhere and choose to live in a city that is below sea-level.

Monday, January 15, 2007

What's in a Name.

One problem with naming your enemy is then you are giving him a chance to change his name and claim you are fighting the wrong person. Make the identification and then deal with the personage. Are we at war with Al Qaeda or Hamas? Hizbollah or Radical Freakin' Islamophobes wherever they may roam? Our vacillating and faintheartedness is just seen as a sign of our decline by Iran, Syria Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. The defeatists in our midst will even try to go legalistically, suicidally, insanely, querelous on US and may even get US all killed.

The U.S. is the only force keeping all these rogues in line. US and our petro-dollars.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

True Beauty can never be extinguished.

Life as seen through the Eyes of a 7 year old.

What makes US change our perceptions?

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Problem is...

The hard left can get provoked to violence, apparently. When threatened with the end of the "Liberal West", I believe all leftists would give a pretty good account for themselves, (knowing how the enemy feels about them) and probably kick some ass. Knowing the true radical right is not whom the liberals contest and oppose right now, when the time comes the liberals may be able to get ready. I am just afraid the realization might come too late.

You can tell the bad guys by their Black turbans.

Well even if they helped bin Laden, hiding and running have not helped him plan any more attacks on America. Zawahiri and Osama can't even enjoy each other's company, what a pity, maybe they can become martyrs together one day soon. Sooner or later they all can't escape.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Send in the Troops

President Bush might want to send more troops to Iraq. I say good, but only if they are allowed to use whatever force necessary to overwhelm our enemy. Don't send our brave young warriors over there to become targets and statistics. If they can go over there risking their lives I would want the same for myself, no second-guessing, just to be unfettered, allowed to do whatever it takes to survive and win. Defending our country is an honor to which I wish I myself could avail. WE cannot sacrifice anybody for ungrateful idealogues who worship violence.
I know most of our soldiers respect and defer to our host countries customs and traditions with the noblest of intentions - serving the good of the world, I just know it. When you are there on the world stage, especially in the middle east, for most god-fearing people, it must be a time of acute soul-consciousness and awareness.

This is the calling of our time.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Label the Clones.

The FDA has actually cleared cloned meat for our consumption. This cannot be foisted upon US without those who refuse to eat it having a chance to know what it is. Label it or there will be Hell to pay!
Let me get this straight Bush is against ALL cloning, right?
Where's Codex when we really need them,? Democrats? Vegans?