Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The End from the Beginning

The good Lord knows all things. This should be a comfort to us all. Some people think they know what is better for us all than everyone else. As ridiculous as that sounds we are most likely all guilty to one degree or another of thinking in that way. Today I will let God guide my way. I would like to give everyone credit for doing what they think is best or for God really guiding their paths. Maybe someday some way we can see that at least for a moment we were all pulling in the same direction, if only for a moment.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Taking the fight to the enemy.

When we were all young we all probably had to face a bully in our lives, maybe it was out on the schoolyard or maybe a mother or father, or sibling. The logic is always the same, take care of your problem or it just grows and grows. I applaud President Bush for figuring this out and doing something about it. I am eternally grateful to the brave men and women who continue to sign up to fight this fight for us all. Certain politicians seem to let their careers or cowardices come between themselves and correct decisions about what needs to be done. Jack Murtha ,John Kerry, and their kind only seem to make decisions that enbolden our enemy and weaken our position. We are in a death struggle with a determined enemy with fanatical religious ideology. Who knows what they are capable of doing. I know we are capable of dealing with them now like we are. Not letting go of our chokehold and giving them another chance to regroup. What skeletons do you suppose are in Murthas closet that would make him decide to try to sidestep victory into American defeat?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Bin Laden is next!

It will be a great day for the whole world. Osama and Zawahiri, You are next! All you Muslim fanatics remember, we will all be judged by the same judgement. Don't be too eager to shed blood. Yours or anybody elses. Life is sacred,Nicolas Berg's father is right about that, but cancer has to be cut out. A Rattlesnake, or Black Widow must ALWAYS be killed on sight. So too should ANY person who threatens other peoples safety or very lives! That is what this generation owes the next. Poor old Abu Musab AL-Zarqawi, he thought his eternal reward would be 72 virgins and gardens and feasts. I believe he will sleep until the resurrection, then he will face God and the Angels and be condemned to the second death, cast alive into the lake of fire, his hatred and evil to perish forever. The smoke of the end of all these evil beings will rise forever as a reminder to all what will become of all if we do not get right with our Lord. Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life. Peace be upon all mankind.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

On Islam, Iran and future conflict.

With each passing day it becomes more clear to me that we need our national focus sharpened. There is an enemy out there that has sworn to kill us. My rational mind says when threatened like that, do whatever it takes to eliminate the threat. Our elected officials are more worried about homosexuals and p.c . b.s. than taking all necessary steps to confront and annihilate our sworn enemies. It may sound drastic, but we have no choice other than to kill or be killed. There will be no negotiating with these unregenerate vipers. The nature of Islam ( which means submission) is to try to bring the whole world under its oppression, by force if necessary. They call US the " Great Satan", but even in their scriptures does man not have free will to serve "Allah" or not. They seem to desire a bunch of robots all bowing down 5 times a day but not really seving God. If they really had the spirit of God within themselves they would give people a chance to learn and to grow and become who the Lord wanted them to be and let God make His judgement upon them. That is why America and other Democracies are so threatening to them, because it is more like the spiritual realm in that we all make choices and suffer the consequences. Iran, being the seat of Islam in the world seems to be pushing for a fight. Islamic unrest appears to be fomenting all around the world. I believe in Biblical prophecies and see fulfillments of them happening before my very eyes. How so many people would choose to believe a lie is astounding to me, but there you have it, battle lines are being drawn and people are lining up on either side, I wish that it will not come down to this but in the end we should all pray that the Lord's will be done on earth as it is in heaven, this day and every day.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

What in the world?10 Questions that need answers.

  • Why does President Bush want all these illegal aliens in our country?
  • Will America eventually collapse when liberalism completely undermines our ethical foundation?
  • How come so many people can't see the threats we are facing?
  • Where is the evidence that Islam has ever been peaceful?
  • Who are Americas enemies? And Why?
  • Is America aborting out our population growth?
  • Are we already a socialist country?
  • How come it is so hard for human beings to obey God's laws?
  • When will the Lord decide enough is enough?
  • Why is our military expected to defend US with one arm tied behind their backs?