Monday, June 19, 2006

Taking the fight to the enemy.

When we were all young we all probably had to face a bully in our lives, maybe it was out on the schoolyard or maybe a mother or father, or sibling. The logic is always the same, take care of your problem or it just grows and grows. I applaud President Bush for figuring this out and doing something about it. I am eternally grateful to the brave men and women who continue to sign up to fight this fight for us all. Certain politicians seem to let their careers or cowardices come between themselves and correct decisions about what needs to be done. Jack Murtha ,John Kerry, and their kind only seem to make decisions that enbolden our enemy and weaken our position. We are in a death struggle with a determined enemy with fanatical religious ideology. Who knows what they are capable of doing. I know we are capable of dealing with them now like we are. Not letting go of our chokehold and giving them another chance to regroup. What skeletons do you suppose are in Murthas closet that would make him decide to try to sidestep victory into American defeat?

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