Sunday, October 29, 2006

Let's ALL get out and vote!

If we really want to see how America feels about things we all need to get out the vote. The spinmeisters are all spinning the pollmeisters are all polling and most everyone has made up their minds. I, for one, have not been polled. That's too bad because I do have opinions. I vote every time, even the special elections. It is a very liberating feeling to have your own two cents count for something. Then you have the right to complain.

Sure some things have been mucked up by those in office, but it is not just one party that has dropped the ball. Both( or should I say all) parties, like human beings, are fallible. For they are all made up of, by and for people of all kinds of interests and goals and perceptions of how the world should be. We must all pick the parties and individual politicians who best represent our own interests.

All the smears going on are very distasteful to me. Also I think it shows a lack of depth. The misdirection the mainstream media continues to purvey toward the uneducated and illiterate voters is astounding. The talking heads are so full of their own ability to guide these wayward thinkers into their own camp, they insult everyone whose ideas are contrary. Sometimes we must all think for the present day, sometimes for the near future, and sometimes long term. It seems to me that liberalism is always rooted in the shorter terms, and ramifications have never totally been accounted for. Sometimes I think conservatism is too locked into safe mode where the status quo is too highly regarded. But there has to be something solid to plan on when a person is trying to build wealth, or start a business. Changeing the rules every time there is a perceived slight in one small faction group creates a herky-jerky track that everybody has to run on.

So lets all get out and do our patriotic duty, and let our voices be heard. It is for this right , more than any other(besides the right to stay alive) that our brave men and women have fought and given great sacrifices to preserve and protect. In new and burgeoning democracies the percentage of electorate that actually get out and vote is very high. We should lead by example in this as in other areas where we have proven superiority. Ours is the greatest nation in the history of this planet, let's prove why that is so.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Journalist and the Countrymen.

Journalists around the world have an agenda , and what motivates them is not the forthright dissemination of events taking place. It is not even the reporting of happenstance for the greater good of all with rightousness triumphing gloriously over wickedness. It is all for the furthurence of their own journalistic prowess, power, and influence of world events. Incredibly they feel they, and their views are more important than the events themselves taking place. One of the more amazing phenomena I have witnessed is how in all western countries how similarly reporters go about putting forth their agenda under the guise of unbiased reporting. If they could come out and clearly state their ideas and opinions I would not have as much disdain for their cowardly and antagonistic anarchy. Just give US the facts please and keep your editorializing, puckish, defeatist, leftist, godless, wimpy, blather to yourselves and the weasely vermin who can be so easily led by your anti-american, pro-death vulture watch.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Warning

We're warning N.Korea not to sell Nukes. We warned them not to fire missiles, warned them not to make nukes, we warned Iran not to refine uranium. The United States is doing an awful lot of warning with nothing to back it up. We can all thank the liberal Democratic Party for this conundrum. After 9/11/2001 our country needed to talk tough and to be tough. President Bush had the balls to stand up and make a statement most of the country felt that was the right thing to do at that time. Take on the terrorists head to head and man to man. But don't forget our fighting women, there are many and we are all proud. Ever since that first round of "bi-partisanship" politics have been played on both sides. I feel the side that conservative Republicans err on is the side of safety and staying alive first and secondly rights and liberties. The liberals want to give too much credit and goodwill to our enemies. When terrorizing the masses is concerned we can't forget they are targeting our innocent civilians, men, women and children. The Democrats? Where do they stand? I believe there is a difference between the liberal and the more conservative can I say true Democrats. Just like I say conservative and true (more liberal?)Republicans. All Politicians want to get elected and then to stay elected. It is their livelihood, and you (we) should all pray that their intentions, liberal or conservative, have the countries best interests at heart. Somehow our country must come together to defeat all these enemies that are gathering at our doorstep or we will lose our way of life. That is what Chaos will bring. That's why they are targeting our economy, if only they can knock US off our high horse, they will be happy. Even if they eat dirt for the rest of their lives.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The United Nations' Relevency Evaporating.

The U.N. is voting to confirm Venezuela as a security council member. If this happens the US should pull out of this craven council of dictators and terrorists. The U.N. has blocked US in everything we have tried to do for the good of the world. We should let them see what their body can do without our help or clout. Very few countries have gone along with US on a variety of issues, from human rights to economics to environmental concerns around the world. As the lone superpower in the world we are looked upon to police all the rough neighborhoods in the world. But nobody else wants to help out, even when conflicts directly affect their communities. I believe the reason for this is so we are entangled and weakened, giving our enemies a chance to evaluate our abilities and weapons systems.

The U.N. has proven to be susceptible to corruption and dishonesty. They have failed to live up to their obligations in many countries and are responsible for the rise of Islamic Fascism. Basically, the U.N. is afraid of anything they can't control. They know they control US, and Israel, and other nations who are trying to do what is right. But countries that outright defy the U.N. seem to get a pass. Maybe the U.N. should be expelled from our country and set up in France, or Spain or Egypt. Then we can treat them like an enemy when their decisions threaten US. All the up and coming wannabe powers in the world are making decisions in the U.N. that weaken and dissolve our ability to defend ourselves, our allies, and our way of life.

When push comes to shove everybody wants US on their side. Russia is in decline and sinking fast, you know how dangerous it is to try and save someone who is drowning. China is climbing up the mountain, but needs US as a trading partner, for now. Europe is jealous and ahead of the curve on socialisms destuctive consequences. Our true friends Australia, the U.K., Canada, Israel, India,Eastern Europe(ex-communist), a few Central and South American countries, and Japan could form a new union of countries that won't need to go to a bunch of communists and dictators to secure their safety and agendas in a world gone mad. Sooner or later we must divorce ourselves from the U.N. or be further weakened until even the weak can do US great harm.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Isn't it ironic

Before 9/11 the Corey Lidle plane crash story would be a tragedy about a real nice guy who unfortunately died in a plane crash. Now, post 9/11 , it's almost a relief it wasn't a terrorist attack. It is so unfortunate, yet also fortunate, in a backhanded way that now we are thinking in terms of a higher purpose. Our lives do mean something if we make something out of it. Our creative desire mirrors our creators inspired diorama.

Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea starts the ball rolling...

The Axis of Evil is a three headed serpent. Iraq has been nuetralized for the time being. Iran is a tough nut to crack. North Korea is the catalyst that will ignite the global conflagration we will simply call WWIII. Along with this trinity of by-blows there is also Russia, China,Syria, Venezuela, and Afghanistan/Pakistan. What is a poor free world to do? Nobody wants war. But when so many nations do not want peace, our choices are really made for US.

I still believe ,contrary to the liberals who continue to press for capitulation, that Iraq was the right move. Primarily because there we could show the world that we meant business. And it was also the easiest place to get started. From there though, we had to continue to make bold moves, not get bogged down by worrying about being too mean, or brutal, or whatever. This is a fight for our survival, whether the liberals choose to believe it or not. In the early stages of WWII there was a lot of the same second guessing and wishy-washy nihilistic presuppositions. That nearly got US speaking German or becoming a bar of soap, as Savage says. I truly am grateful to our fighting men and women for answering the call, doing their duty, and risking their lives for what I believe to be a very noble cause. I would like to believe if I could serve, I would , and I would be willing to risk everything to fight the good fight, and prevail for our country,and the free world. As Gandalf said, "It is not for us to choose the time,but to do what is right with the time we are given". Even though that story is make-believe it is paralleling our own times, and the fight against evil someday soon I am afraid we must all engage in.

Iran could not have been tackled without first dealing with Iraq. But we cannot wait until they are testing nukes to do something about them. Ahmadinajhad is just as psychotic as Kim Jung Ill, but he has a lot more support on the Street of Muslim Fools. The possibility of all the unrest in all the various countries being orchestrated toward the single goal of weakening or destroying US maybe paranoia, or may be the plot. Showdowns are scheduled for high noon. Luckily it's two minutes to midnight (Wait a second), and there is still time to do something. Whereas China and Russia are blocking US on Iran, they more than likely will be with US on North Korea. I may be a little slow, but I would guess it's because of the oil. Iran is definitely watching what the U.N. and the US say and do to N.K. So a strong message can be sent. Diplomacy can still possibly win the day. The opposition party here and pacifists the world over will likely blame Bush for whatever might go wrong, and will not give credit if things go right. But seeking credit and legacy building is what got US into all this trouble to begin with. I am connfident that Bush 43 knows that his legacy will be re-evaluated when these problems are long since solved, on earth or in heaven.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

World NewsWatch

Senators who voted no first, then yes on the Border Fence. The cloture vote ( to get the bill to the floor) was opposed by these Senators who voted yes on the "show" vote. Barbara Boxer, California- Thomas Carper, Delaware- Hillary Rodham Clinton, New York- Christopher J. Dodd, Connecticut- Thomas Harkin, Iowa- Herb Kohl, Wisconsin- Barack Obama, Illinois- Charles E. Shumer, New York. The nerve of these people to play politics with Americans security.

3,000 people in Bern Switzerland supprt Israel in peaceful demonstrations.

Governor Arnold Shwarzenegger vetoes all three sexual indoctrination bills, AB 606, AB 1056, AB 1437.

China nails down Iraq's first post Saddam oil contracts. American treasure and lives are on the line and China is reaping rewards as they are also building up their military.

5 Amish schoolgirls are murdered by a deranged gunman.

President Bush is in Sacramento fund raising for Republican congressmen.

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is getting tarred and feathered by congressman Foley's foibles.

Fifth largest wildfire in California history has been contained.

Monday, October 02, 2006

An Ironic Twist

It's almost comical that the Muslim Fundamentalists fund their violent jihad with drug money and selling sinful things like pornography and alcohol. Where do they get off pretending to be so pious and holy? If the world could see through this hypocracy maybe they would not be afforded the benefit of the doubt in this idealogical struggle. We in the west are expected to be a cut above in all our dealings with Islam, like treatment of prisoners of war, vocal dissent of our beliefs, and how we conduct ourselves in general with people of all faiths. Only when we decide to drop the facade of ecumenical equality will we be able to root out the vermin hiding behind this "religion". A religion that is also a political movement and a way to whitewash the hideous behavior of adherants who are openly doing the work of the devil himself. We are commanded in the Bible to judge all things by the word of God rightly dividing the truth. God said we would know a tree by the fruit it bears. We know the fruit of Islam is violence , lying, degredation of women, disrespecting all other human beings who are not Muslim, the horrible treatment of animals, and a selfishness that is apalling. Only when the civilized world wakes up to what Mohammad's adherents are trying to achieve and refuses to accept that outcome do we have a chance to stem the tide and send Islam back into the dark ages where it belongs.