Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Warning

We're warning N.Korea not to sell Nukes. We warned them not to fire missiles, warned them not to make nukes, we warned Iran not to refine uranium. The United States is doing an awful lot of warning with nothing to back it up. We can all thank the liberal Democratic Party for this conundrum. After 9/11/2001 our country needed to talk tough and to be tough. President Bush had the balls to stand up and make a statement most of the country felt that was the right thing to do at that time. Take on the terrorists head to head and man to man. But don't forget our fighting women, there are many and we are all proud. Ever since that first round of "bi-partisanship" politics have been played on both sides. I feel the side that conservative Republicans err on is the side of safety and staying alive first and secondly rights and liberties. The liberals want to give too much credit and goodwill to our enemies. When terrorizing the masses is concerned we can't forget they are targeting our innocent civilians, men, women and children. The Democrats? Where do they stand? I believe there is a difference between the liberal and the more conservative can I say true Democrats. Just like I say conservative and true (more liberal?)Republicans. All Politicians want to get elected and then to stay elected. It is their livelihood, and you (we) should all pray that their intentions, liberal or conservative, have the countries best interests at heart. Somehow our country must come together to defeat all these enemies that are gathering at our doorstep or we will lose our way of life. That is what Chaos will bring. That's why they are targeting our economy, if only they can knock US off our high horse, they will be happy. Even if they eat dirt for the rest of their lives.

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