Sunday, October 29, 2006

Let's ALL get out and vote!

If we really want to see how America feels about things we all need to get out the vote. The spinmeisters are all spinning the pollmeisters are all polling and most everyone has made up their minds. I, for one, have not been polled. That's too bad because I do have opinions. I vote every time, even the special elections. It is a very liberating feeling to have your own two cents count for something. Then you have the right to complain.

Sure some things have been mucked up by those in office, but it is not just one party that has dropped the ball. Both( or should I say all) parties, like human beings, are fallible. For they are all made up of, by and for people of all kinds of interests and goals and perceptions of how the world should be. We must all pick the parties and individual politicians who best represent our own interests.

All the smears going on are very distasteful to me. Also I think it shows a lack of depth. The misdirection the mainstream media continues to purvey toward the uneducated and illiterate voters is astounding. The talking heads are so full of their own ability to guide these wayward thinkers into their own camp, they insult everyone whose ideas are contrary. Sometimes we must all think for the present day, sometimes for the near future, and sometimes long term. It seems to me that liberalism is always rooted in the shorter terms, and ramifications have never totally been accounted for. Sometimes I think conservatism is too locked into safe mode where the status quo is too highly regarded. But there has to be something solid to plan on when a person is trying to build wealth, or start a business. Changeing the rules every time there is a perceived slight in one small faction group creates a herky-jerky track that everybody has to run on.

So lets all get out and do our patriotic duty, and let our voices be heard. It is for this right , more than any other(besides the right to stay alive) that our brave men and women have fought and given great sacrifices to preserve and protect. In new and burgeoning democracies the percentage of electorate that actually get out and vote is very high. We should lead by example in this as in other areas where we have proven superiority. Ours is the greatest nation in the history of this planet, let's prove why that is so.

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