Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The United Nations' Relevency Evaporating.

The U.N. is voting to confirm Venezuela as a security council member. If this happens the US should pull out of this craven council of dictators and terrorists. The U.N. has blocked US in everything we have tried to do for the good of the world. We should let them see what their body can do without our help or clout. Very few countries have gone along with US on a variety of issues, from human rights to economics to environmental concerns around the world. As the lone superpower in the world we are looked upon to police all the rough neighborhoods in the world. But nobody else wants to help out, even when conflicts directly affect their communities. I believe the reason for this is so we are entangled and weakened, giving our enemies a chance to evaluate our abilities and weapons systems.

The U.N. has proven to be susceptible to corruption and dishonesty. They have failed to live up to their obligations in many countries and are responsible for the rise of Islamic Fascism. Basically, the U.N. is afraid of anything they can't control. They know they control US, and Israel, and other nations who are trying to do what is right. But countries that outright defy the U.N. seem to get a pass. Maybe the U.N. should be expelled from our country and set up in France, or Spain or Egypt. Then we can treat them like an enemy when their decisions threaten US. All the up and coming wannabe powers in the world are making decisions in the U.N. that weaken and dissolve our ability to defend ourselves, our allies, and our way of life.

When push comes to shove everybody wants US on their side. Russia is in decline and sinking fast, you know how dangerous it is to try and save someone who is drowning. China is climbing up the mountain, but needs US as a trading partner, for now. Europe is jealous and ahead of the curve on socialisms destuctive consequences. Our true friends Australia, the U.K., Canada, Israel, India,Eastern Europe(ex-communist), a few Central and South American countries, and Japan could form a new union of countries that won't need to go to a bunch of communists and dictators to secure their safety and agendas in a world gone mad. Sooner or later we must divorce ourselves from the U.N. or be further weakened until even the weak can do US great harm.

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