Monday, October 02, 2006

An Ironic Twist

It's almost comical that the Muslim Fundamentalists fund their violent jihad with drug money and selling sinful things like pornography and alcohol. Where do they get off pretending to be so pious and holy? If the world could see through this hypocracy maybe they would not be afforded the benefit of the doubt in this idealogical struggle. We in the west are expected to be a cut above in all our dealings with Islam, like treatment of prisoners of war, vocal dissent of our beliefs, and how we conduct ourselves in general with people of all faiths. Only when we decide to drop the facade of ecumenical equality will we be able to root out the vermin hiding behind this "religion". A religion that is also a political movement and a way to whitewash the hideous behavior of adherants who are openly doing the work of the devil himself. We are commanded in the Bible to judge all things by the word of God rightly dividing the truth. God said we would know a tree by the fruit it bears. We know the fruit of Islam is violence , lying, degredation of women, disrespecting all other human beings who are not Muslim, the horrible treatment of animals, and a selfishness that is apalling. Only when the civilized world wakes up to what Mohammad's adherents are trying to achieve and refuses to accept that outcome do we have a chance to stem the tide and send Islam back into the dark ages where it belongs.

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