Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The NIE, Olberman, and Wacked-out commies.

I was thinking about the liberals demented world view while reading a few of their comments on a story about Keith Olberman. I think I understand at least a little of their pathology. The commenteer was a woman, I think, and put Olberman on her "list" over Clooney, and Viggo. That list could have been merited on deep-thinking but I doubt it. I think liberals look at everything through sensual or sex-related thought patterns. That is why the young generation is so vulnerable to liberalism. These youngsters are becoming aware of their place as adults relating to other adults. Being Idealistic and naive, but also coming to grips with their sexuality, they can easily be manipulated by their "wise" men and women. You go to a rally to bash Bush, or light candles for Tsunami victims, or celebrate Noam Chompsky, or a party or a concert, if you are a young red-blooded male you want to look for chicks. Young guys will do anything , or say anything, to get in their good graces. These young ladies have even more power than they normally would in a mixed company situation. Everybody, when they are young, is some variation of a Utopian. Whatever world you come from there is hope for perfection, comfort and peace. It is when the real world meets a persons imaginary world that beliefs are galvanized or shattered. Liberals are like spoiled little kids who have to have it their way, or no way.

I am a realistic person, I have spent many years in many fantasy worlds. I have also spent many years in cold hard reality. I like my fantasy world so much better but there is a part of me that knows I have to wake up someday and pay some bills. An old wise friend once said, "we'll just have to keep working until the mailman stops coming". Nobody ever gave me much or really helped me get going, but that's o.k. Because there is a sense of satisfaction in getting to your goals by your own hard work. I think liberalism is the easy way out, that is why there are so many adherent's to it's philosophy. Instead of being charitable yourself, have the Govt. do it. Instead of working hard to start a business, get a union job. Need health care? The state should take care of that, too. Some people want to control, and some people want to be controlled. That is where so many liberals /socialists find each other, on the lazy side of town. One encouraging thought before I go is that the young liberals are even too lazy to vote.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hugo Chavez says...

Hugo Chavez came to the US and spouted off. He called President Bush the Devil, and insulted our country on consumerism, and materialism. I heard Charlie Rangel come to the defense of our President and our Country. The right wing punditry said even the oft out-spoken Charlie Range ldenounced Chavez' words. But actually Rangel is the only one I heard Democrat or Republican, who stood up and called Chavez on his ridiculous commentary.

Mahmood Ahmadinijhad came into our country also. Basically he beat Chavez to the punch. I am not sure why our authorities even allowed these two confederates into our country. Perhaps it was to use words and ideas right out of the horses mouth, so to speak, to illustrate how our enemies are mobilizing and gathering into a covenant against the US. Most Americans won't wake up until the first shots are fired in this new twist in the assault on American hegemony. The obvious collusion between these two leaders is alarming. They control a lot of oil resources and no doubt would put US "over a barrel" if they could. There are ways of getting back at them I hope our leaders are working on until they "get a shot". America haters are uniting all over the world, and I wish we could see what would happen if their dreams came true and we were out of their way. Before you know it they would all be fighting each other and the bloodshed would quantify.

World peace depends on someone being the referee. Right now that is US. I guess all the players are going to blame the ref for all of their shortcomings, and inadequacies. I know God has given US this task and I guess we must hold on until His plan is fulfilled. I am praying enough people in our country feel this way, too. Because as soon as there is no referee chaos will reign supreme.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Why such thin skins?

The Pope delivered a speech in which he called into question Islam's jihad mentality. And it's propensity toward violent outbursts of objection to any critcism came forth like a hurricane. Immediately in the news there were staged protests, some of them quite violent. The Pope was really just stating the obvious and now there is probably a fatwah against him. What is it that makes these Jihad types so unable to look at themselves in the mirror of other peoples opinions of them? I can think of a few things myself.

1. Their religion is false, and deep down they know it.
2. As a "great world religion" they have come last, therefore need to overcompensate.
3. Everywhere in the world where Islam is reigning you have horrible human conditions.
4. The fact that Islam is a political movement as well as a religion.
5. Humiliation is such a powerful wedge weapon in their culture, and really, they should be ashamed of themselves as a force in the world. They(The Muslims) have done nothing to make things better for themselves or the world in general. All they exportreally is violence and war, and maybe Opium, from Afghanistan.
6. Their sense of superiority over everyone else just blinds and deafens them.

So why such thin skins? I have come to think it is because of their unbelief. If the light of day were ever shined on Islam with all it's tenements and teachings people would be stunned and perhaps a little frightened, and justifyably so. Here is a religion/ political ideology that is litterally lying in wait in many countries right now, waiting for their advance men to start the global jihad. Will the moderate Muslims join in? Maybe, if they feel their side has a chance of getting the upper hand. Meanwhile every little thing said against them is so egregious they feel compelled to lash out like their lives are threatened. That is how we should be reacting when threats are made to kill westerners for their unbelief. It really is bass-ackwards, and upside-down. But getting back to the Muslims thin skins, because this shows to me a weakness that can be exploited. Their hatred is so consuming that they can be exposed with the right bait. I pray for the day when meaningful, thoughtful,discussions can take place between Christians and Muslims. Then we (the Christians) can witness to open ears and minds about the saving grace of God the Father through his son Jesus Christ. I am afraid right now the Muslims are so wrapped up in their cult they will not be receptive to the Gospel. I think when Mohammad took his vision from the "Angel, Gabriel" it was really a demonic spirit, and sooner or later the doctrine of Demons would cross paths with God's revealed word and we would be where we are now. And that is on the verge of all out war with maniacal adherents to a demonic philosophy of hatred and violence and war against all that is good and stands by the true word of God. For it is written; "If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book". Let's all pray for the good and peaceful Muslims to get out of that death cult and into the saving grace of God, through our lLord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Political correctness is the terrorists kryptonite.

With our overpowering military might I guess it's just not a fair fight. So our world citizen senators have decided to level the playing field. Even ex-secretary of state Colin Powell seems to be ceding our advantages away as he's trying to gain some kind of approval from the World . It seems to me to be obvious the Geneva Conventions mind set will not work with enemy combatants. This is an asymetrical war we are fighting. Every time we treat this enemy like a Nation/State we give them great advantages. They will never abide by any rules or treaties, in fact it's just the opposite, rules and treaties make it easier for them to continue the fight. The desire to treat enemy prisoners so kindly so they would treat our soldiers captured the same is ludicrous. So basically we are handing them a powerful tool to use against US. If we tried to fight this way in W.W.II we would have never won.

I wonder how far all this can go before we drop the gloves and get down to business eliminating the enemy that has sworn to kill US. I personally don't like living with a hammer over my head just waiting for it to drop. Israel just went through this when engaging Hezboolah, and the world media only want to focus on what the good guys do wrong. And they will only look at what the good guys are even doing. So our enemy has the impunity to operate in shadows and do whatever they feel like and poor old Gulliver can be tied down by his own rules and regulations. I believe this will come to an end when the enemy get's a good shot at US and does harm US. It's unfortunate, how many Americans will have to die before our politicians figure out what kind of fight we are in?

Monday, September 11, 2006

We are Aware!

If nothing else happens to make US safer in the GWOT at least we are safer because we are now aware of who and what can try and do US harm. The liberals are constantly backbiting and sniping our governments efforts to keep US safe. Last I checked we have not had an attack on U.S. soil in five years. Back on 9/11/ 2001 nobody would have thought that there would not be another attack in even the next two years. These same liberals claim we have lost so many civil liberties in the interim. I catagorically reject these arguments. What good are civil liberties if they give someone the right to kill you? You cannot go back and get anything for it if you are dead, can you? Therefore what good does it do? I think the only ones who are clamoring for their civil liberties are those who would like to reserve the right to break laws. So they will jeapordize their life for the right to buy drugs, or prostitutes, or child pornography or some other demented nefarious activity they are planning.

The liberals claim the war in Iraq was a mistake. However, watching all the 5 year anniversary coverage of 9/11 I am struck by how many liberal and conservative pundits and politicians on that very day were calling for pre-emption and targeting nations that harbor and sponsor acts of terrorism and the terrorists themselves. They were calling for these actions even before President Bush himself came out and said the same things. All the good will and political coming together that was ostensibly for the betterment of our country has evaporated into political posturing and finger pointing and blaming the other guy over tactics and policies that no one can ever know if that was the exact best way. The results, however, speak for themselves and we have NOT been attacked since, and I cannot emphasize that enough.

Not knowing the entirety of the Republicans and President Bush's war plans, on the surface it seems to me to be a brilliant strategic move. Whereas before 9/11 we had no chance to try and deal with Iran over in the middle east, now we are based right next door in Iraq. Now I hope and pray that this was the plan, and it won't be wasted by allowing all the naysayers and pacifists to pull US out of Iraq. That being said, it is still in line with what President Bush stated later that night(9/11) about how our country would deal with terrorism and countries that aid and abet terrorists. That is one thing about our President that has endeared me to him, he means what he says and follows through with it. Even when the organized Media is pulling out all the stops to defuse and undermine his administrations ability to follow through with their(right minded, I might add) method to eliminate this threat for ever. Why do so many Americans not see this threat for what it is? This enemy has come right out and said what their intentions are, is not that enough to marshall our forces and get ready to fight for our country and families future?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Swimming in safe waters ?

Steve Irwin was killed swimming in shallow water by what appeared to be a docile creature. More than likely his guard was down. Sting-Rays can defend themselves with their tails as weapons that obviously can kill. This incident was very unfortunate, and also a little parallel to the world situation our country finds itself in.
A lot of people in the US don't think our lives are in danger. They are swimming around with their guards down, trusting all the "critters" out there not to be able to sneak in a fatal blow. It is really rare for a sting ray to be able to kill a person but it can and did happen. It would also be extremely rare for terrorists to be able to hurt a free country fatally. That is what they are trying to do. The more we take them lightly, or go on with a 9/10 2001 attitude the more danger we put ourselves in. After the elections this year I hope the American people can live with the choices they have made. Undoubtedly we deserve whatever we get. I keep wondering if God will pass judgement on US for our apostasy and selfishness. Right now we must deal with Iran before they become a nuclear power. Or our children will spend the rest of their lives swimming with sharks.