Saturday, September 16, 2006

Why such thin skins?

The Pope delivered a speech in which he called into question Islam's jihad mentality. And it's propensity toward violent outbursts of objection to any critcism came forth like a hurricane. Immediately in the news there were staged protests, some of them quite violent. The Pope was really just stating the obvious and now there is probably a fatwah against him. What is it that makes these Jihad types so unable to look at themselves in the mirror of other peoples opinions of them? I can think of a few things myself.

1. Their religion is false, and deep down they know it.
2. As a "great world religion" they have come last, therefore need to overcompensate.
3. Everywhere in the world where Islam is reigning you have horrible human conditions.
4. The fact that Islam is a political movement as well as a religion.
5. Humiliation is such a powerful wedge weapon in their culture, and really, they should be ashamed of themselves as a force in the world. They(The Muslims) have done nothing to make things better for themselves or the world in general. All they exportreally is violence and war, and maybe Opium, from Afghanistan.
6. Their sense of superiority over everyone else just blinds and deafens them.

So why such thin skins? I have come to think it is because of their unbelief. If the light of day were ever shined on Islam with all it's tenements and teachings people would be stunned and perhaps a little frightened, and justifyably so. Here is a religion/ political ideology that is litterally lying in wait in many countries right now, waiting for their advance men to start the global jihad. Will the moderate Muslims join in? Maybe, if they feel their side has a chance of getting the upper hand. Meanwhile every little thing said against them is so egregious they feel compelled to lash out like their lives are threatened. That is how we should be reacting when threats are made to kill westerners for their unbelief. It really is bass-ackwards, and upside-down. But getting back to the Muslims thin skins, because this shows to me a weakness that can be exploited. Their hatred is so consuming that they can be exposed with the right bait. I pray for the day when meaningful, thoughtful,discussions can take place between Christians and Muslims. Then we (the Christians) can witness to open ears and minds about the saving grace of God the Father through his son Jesus Christ. I am afraid right now the Muslims are so wrapped up in their cult they will not be receptive to the Gospel. I think when Mohammad took his vision from the "Angel, Gabriel" it was really a demonic spirit, and sooner or later the doctrine of Demons would cross paths with God's revealed word and we would be where we are now. And that is on the verge of all out war with maniacal adherents to a demonic philosophy of hatred and violence and war against all that is good and stands by the true word of God. For it is written; "If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book". Let's all pray for the good and peaceful Muslims to get out of that death cult and into the saving grace of God, through our lLord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

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