Monday, September 11, 2006

We are Aware!

If nothing else happens to make US safer in the GWOT at least we are safer because we are now aware of who and what can try and do US harm. The liberals are constantly backbiting and sniping our governments efforts to keep US safe. Last I checked we have not had an attack on U.S. soil in five years. Back on 9/11/ 2001 nobody would have thought that there would not be another attack in even the next two years. These same liberals claim we have lost so many civil liberties in the interim. I catagorically reject these arguments. What good are civil liberties if they give someone the right to kill you? You cannot go back and get anything for it if you are dead, can you? Therefore what good does it do? I think the only ones who are clamoring for their civil liberties are those who would like to reserve the right to break laws. So they will jeapordize their life for the right to buy drugs, or prostitutes, or child pornography or some other demented nefarious activity they are planning.

The liberals claim the war in Iraq was a mistake. However, watching all the 5 year anniversary coverage of 9/11 I am struck by how many liberal and conservative pundits and politicians on that very day were calling for pre-emption and targeting nations that harbor and sponsor acts of terrorism and the terrorists themselves. They were calling for these actions even before President Bush himself came out and said the same things. All the good will and political coming together that was ostensibly for the betterment of our country has evaporated into political posturing and finger pointing and blaming the other guy over tactics and policies that no one can ever know if that was the exact best way. The results, however, speak for themselves and we have NOT been attacked since, and I cannot emphasize that enough.

Not knowing the entirety of the Republicans and President Bush's war plans, on the surface it seems to me to be a brilliant strategic move. Whereas before 9/11 we had no chance to try and deal with Iran over in the middle east, now we are based right next door in Iraq. Now I hope and pray that this was the plan, and it won't be wasted by allowing all the naysayers and pacifists to pull US out of Iraq. That being said, it is still in line with what President Bush stated later that night(9/11) about how our country would deal with terrorism and countries that aid and abet terrorists. That is one thing about our President that has endeared me to him, he means what he says and follows through with it. Even when the organized Media is pulling out all the stops to defuse and undermine his administrations ability to follow through with their(right minded, I might add) method to eliminate this threat for ever. Why do so many Americans not see this threat for what it is? This enemy has come right out and said what their intentions are, is not that enough to marshall our forces and get ready to fight for our country and families future?

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