Friday, September 15, 2006

Political correctness is the terrorists kryptonite.

With our overpowering military might I guess it's just not a fair fight. So our world citizen senators have decided to level the playing field. Even ex-secretary of state Colin Powell seems to be ceding our advantages away as he's trying to gain some kind of approval from the World . It seems to me to be obvious the Geneva Conventions mind set will not work with enemy combatants. This is an asymetrical war we are fighting. Every time we treat this enemy like a Nation/State we give them great advantages. They will never abide by any rules or treaties, in fact it's just the opposite, rules and treaties make it easier for them to continue the fight. The desire to treat enemy prisoners so kindly so they would treat our soldiers captured the same is ludicrous. So basically we are handing them a powerful tool to use against US. If we tried to fight this way in W.W.II we would have never won.

I wonder how far all this can go before we drop the gloves and get down to business eliminating the enemy that has sworn to kill US. I personally don't like living with a hammer over my head just waiting for it to drop. Israel just went through this when engaging Hezboolah, and the world media only want to focus on what the good guys do wrong. And they will only look at what the good guys are even doing. So our enemy has the impunity to operate in shadows and do whatever they feel like and poor old Gulliver can be tied down by his own rules and regulations. I believe this will come to an end when the enemy get's a good shot at US and does harm US. It's unfortunate, how many Americans will have to die before our politicians figure out what kind of fight we are in?

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