Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The NIE, Olberman, and Wacked-out commies.

I was thinking about the liberals demented world view while reading a few of their comments on a story about Keith Olberman. I think I understand at least a little of their pathology. The commenteer was a woman, I think, and put Olberman on her "list" over Clooney, and Viggo. That list could have been merited on deep-thinking but I doubt it. I think liberals look at everything through sensual or sex-related thought patterns. That is why the young generation is so vulnerable to liberalism. These youngsters are becoming aware of their place as adults relating to other adults. Being Idealistic and naive, but also coming to grips with their sexuality, they can easily be manipulated by their "wise" men and women. You go to a rally to bash Bush, or light candles for Tsunami victims, or celebrate Noam Chompsky, or a party or a concert, if you are a young red-blooded male you want to look for chicks. Young guys will do anything , or say anything, to get in their good graces. These young ladies have even more power than they normally would in a mixed company situation. Everybody, when they are young, is some variation of a Utopian. Whatever world you come from there is hope for perfection, comfort and peace. It is when the real world meets a persons imaginary world that beliefs are galvanized or shattered. Liberals are like spoiled little kids who have to have it their way, or no way.

I am a realistic person, I have spent many years in many fantasy worlds. I have also spent many years in cold hard reality. I like my fantasy world so much better but there is a part of me that knows I have to wake up someday and pay some bills. An old wise friend once said, "we'll just have to keep working until the mailman stops coming". Nobody ever gave me much or really helped me get going, but that's o.k. Because there is a sense of satisfaction in getting to your goals by your own hard work. I think liberalism is the easy way out, that is why there are so many adherent's to it's philosophy. Instead of being charitable yourself, have the Govt. do it. Instead of working hard to start a business, get a union job. Need health care? The state should take care of that, too. Some people want to control, and some people want to be controlled. That is where so many liberals /socialists find each other, on the lazy side of town. One encouraging thought before I go is that the young liberals are even too lazy to vote.

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