Sunday, March 25, 2007

Great Quote of the Week

Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy Law
Psalm 119:18

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

what I can do today?

What does it mean, to live?
Ill pile all my laundry where you should be sleeping. That way something is there.
To Live, thats what we hope happens.
Lies are wise to despise. Like the clutter with which I barricade away my dreams.
It's all there for our enjoyment. But I cant take it I don't deserve it.
We must fear success because then we are subject to daeth.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Great Quote of the Week

"What they desire is a method of forgetting God that will pass as a method of remembering Him." E.G. White

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pardon Me, Excuse Me, I'm Sorry

It seems like the Media Intelligentsia overseeing our National Conscience want America to apologize for every perceived slight from the early days of this country right up to now and our battles for National Survival. Everything that a Liberal looks at must be seen through a prism of the perfect world being the unanimous incontrovertible consensus, therefore should be embraced by all. Tearing down whatever it takes to create a perceived "equality". The Liberal optimist never sees the holes in our defenses this mentality promulgates. Perfect equality cannot be created for all human beings when we are not all equally blessed with the same gifts. Those who can perform brain surgery are not necessarily equal to those who stand by the freeway offramp and beg for food and money. Just as those who serve our country either overseas fighting or here upholding the Law are not equal to the sleeper terrorists here in America hiding and waiting to attack innocent civilians, or the people who die with a needle sticking out of their arm.
From the treatment of Native Americans, the ousting of Britain, Slavery, Civil War, Chinese Railroad workers, buying the Southwest from Mexico, Fighting in W.W.I, The Great Depression, W.W.II, the Cold War, the Civil Rights movement, the Counter Culture of the 60's, Viet Nam, the Computer Age, Energy crises, War on Terrorism, and now Global Warming, there has been continual struggles to move forward and keep this Nation as fair and strong as possible. Things have not always been done properly without anybody being slighted, but we can't rewrite history. Even though that gets attempted all the time. To acquiesce to pressure brought on by a cadre of underachievers who can only uplift themselves by sinking others falls far short of equality, fairness or self-reliance.
Two recent stories have come up that beautifully illustrate exactly where the hypocrisy emanates. The recent firing of the U.S Attorneys, and General Pace's comments about homosexuals in the military.
Take the U.S. Attorneys story. President Clinton came into office and fired all U.S. Attorneys, now President Bush fires 8 and gets castigated as a political partisan move. Well the U.S attorneys serve at the behest of the President and can be fired when necessary. Senator Charles Shumer Democrat New York says attorney general Alberto Gonzales should resign over this. The Attorney General did acquisce and say something along the lines of sorry, mistakes were made. I get infuriated every time the liberal media gets the conservatives to backpedal and aid them in their portrait of the conservatives as mean or disingenuous. Shumer says Gonzales' chief of staff Kyle Sampson can't take the fall for Alberto like Libby did for Cheney. Isn't that special, Shumer lecturing someone on ethics and taking responsibility. If my memory serves me well Shumer's office had credit reports on Michael Steele and Shumer's protege Lauren B. Weiner went down. And isn't that crime a felony? When you're a Democrat slandering a Republican I guess the truth and facts don't really matter. And the media will fail to point out the duplicity.
Oh well, all that is not surprising and neither is the Homosexual agenda making another inroad toward being an acceptable alternative lifestyle endorsed fully by the U.S. Government. I guess the Homosexuals feel that if the United States Govt. says it's O.K. then their abomination will be approved by all morality. General Pace came out and spoke his mind, obviously it was not politically correct, and he has been raked over the coals in the press. As a Marine, General Pace is more than likely a very no nonsense, by the book, stand up guy. He also said that adultery was immoral, so he is not just picking on gay people. That is what's going wrong in this country everybody is afraid to make a stand based on moral principles, as if everybodies morality is somehow unique and not bound to a higher standard. I am thankful for General Pace to stand up and claim God as our standard. I also worry about our military being insidiously undermined at it's very foundation. All the big Democrat players are pandering to the homosexual lobby and stating they will allow outright homosexuality in the ranks. As if dealing them a big loss in the War against Global Islamist Terrorism isn't a good enough slight. It will soon be a marvel if anybody wants to serve. At least General Pace will not back down and apologize for being right.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I like Fred Thompson

Even though I like Rudy and I like Mitt Romney, and would vote for a Mormon, if He was our nominee. It is Fred Thompson that I really like, I have heard His responses to speeches, heard Him fill in for Paul Harvey, I just think he looks Presidential, sounds Presidential and could be accepted by the Left and the Right, like Reagan, who got a great percentage of the electorate, but got slammed by the media. This guy is polished , professional, and prepared to lead our country forward. His association with Law and Order can't hurt either. Literally and figuratively.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

What Will We do When Computers Fail?

I had to call the Maytag repairman today. The wash machine started flooding the laundry room floor last night. I thought it was the drain so I went out and bought a drain rooter snake. Then I proceeded to take off the trap, spilling just a little water on the floor and got upset about that, not a good way to start a plumbing project, getting upset about a cupful or two of shmeg water on the floor. The drain rooting went well enough, just a half hour down the drain. Again, I got a little upset, still not a good idea. Well, I had to mop up the floor and I got a brilliant idea, when I finally finish this laundry room project I can put a drain in the floor that runs outside so if the laundry room floods again the water will run directly outside. Plus one, minus two. O.K., so I thought that the drain was clear and the wash machine would be allright. Wrong, I checked it this morning and there was water all over the room again. It turns out this nearly brand new (6months) Wash machine is leaking around the pump pulley area. Seems like a bad sign to me, it is really leaking fast. Anyway now I know its not the drain, unless the clogged drain somehow caused the pump to blow out.
So the famously not very busy Maytag repairman had to be called up. After being on hold for a half hour we find out they are pretty busy, and can't make it until Monday night. Our product was registered for the warranty but we paid cash and misplaced the receipt. So this nearly brand new unit that sprung a leak might have to get repaired out of my pocket. Murphy's Law strikes again. Oh well it's only money right? So maybe I will sign up for those anger management classes, this really is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
I still have my computer. When that breaks I will go crazy. At least I can see what is wrong with the wash machine and I probably could fix it myself. But if something happens to the Fax, Computers, router or cable I am up a creek, as they say. and the internet go Poof and the world goes crazy.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Will We see the Umbra or Penumbra?

Saturday there will be a full lunar eclipse and I am not sure we can see it here. They say there will be one August 18, 2007 though, and we can see that one live. I guess I will have to watch this one on the Discovery Channel.