Saturday, March 10, 2007

What Will We do When Computers Fail?

I had to call the Maytag repairman today. The wash machine started flooding the laundry room floor last night. I thought it was the drain so I went out and bought a drain rooter snake. Then I proceeded to take off the trap, spilling just a little water on the floor and got upset about that, not a good way to start a plumbing project, getting upset about a cupful or two of shmeg water on the floor. The drain rooting went well enough, just a half hour down the drain. Again, I got a little upset, still not a good idea. Well, I had to mop up the floor and I got a brilliant idea, when I finally finish this laundry room project I can put a drain in the floor that runs outside so if the laundry room floods again the water will run directly outside. Plus one, minus two. O.K., so I thought that the drain was clear and the wash machine would be allright. Wrong, I checked it this morning and there was water all over the room again. It turns out this nearly brand new (6months) Wash machine is leaking around the pump pulley area. Seems like a bad sign to me, it is really leaking fast. Anyway now I know its not the drain, unless the clogged drain somehow caused the pump to blow out.
So the famously not very busy Maytag repairman had to be called up. After being on hold for a half hour we find out they are pretty busy, and can't make it until Monday night. Our product was registered for the warranty but we paid cash and misplaced the receipt. So this nearly brand new unit that sprung a leak might have to get repaired out of my pocket. Murphy's Law strikes again. Oh well it's only money right? So maybe I will sign up for those anger management classes, this really is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
I still have my computer. When that breaks I will go crazy. At least I can see what is wrong with the wash machine and I probably could fix it myself. But if something happens to the Fax, Computers, router or cable I am up a creek, as they say. and the internet go Poof and the world goes crazy.


JohnnyT. said...

Maytag Rocks! They came out today and honored their committment. It was only the drain hose, stupid me for not catching that. But when the unit is still under warranty it is best to let the professionals do what they do best. The repair guy fixed the problem and there was no charge! I knew there was a reason I loved Maytag. I know it is easy to sell a Product you know is quality. It almost sells itself. I learned that sometimes when you are in negativity it is easy to jump to conclusions and think, well, here it goes again, another rip-off. But I stand corrected, Maytag is reputable and has 1 customer they have kept happy. Sorry :(

Everybody needs clean clothes.

Anonymous said...

Bill Ricard does not need clean clothes!