Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is the End Just a New Beginning?

When all energy has been expended then peace can take hold because there is nothing left to do. I feel I have reached this apex almost within an undertow. As subtle as it now feels I know how the hurt and pain have dogged me through the years, almost numbing my soul by it's very oppression. I am ready to try to live again, to live by senses, with light, feeling love, feeling nature, feeling.
My horizon has always been so far out. But I sense a shrinking of the distances. Hope is there for me if I am brave enough to embrace a destiny that was unforeseen. Life's adventure doesnt always have to be mapped all the way to a safe end. It can be mapped all the way to a happy place and let God be the judge, true hearts will find a way.
When the last gasp of Love lashes out in rage and despair at it's betrayel...
It is then that it's over, a calmness will descend and peace can once again prevail.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Yosemite is somewhere near Paradise

Grandma Muff painted this 50+ years ago. A testament to the beauty and wonder of this awe inspiring region. Our family has lengthy ties to the park and deep gratitude to all who preserve and appreciate its awesome beauty.

Quotes Eternal

"For my part, I think the chief reason which prompted the invisible God to become visible in the flesh and to hold converse with men was to lead carnal men, who are are only able to love carnally, to the healthful love of his flesh, and afterwards, little by little, to spiritual love."

Saint Bernard, 1091- 1153

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trust Is...

Not Sold.
Forever taking hold.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I saw Heaven on Earth

If only for just one night, never to be forgotten.
This tree was planted years and years ago to enjoy the view of Mt. Baldy from the shade. The horizontal branch makes a perfect seat, I know it inspires me, too.

If I ever get a chance to go there again I will. And sit there, and contemplate the meaning of love.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Searching

Some people are searching for love
Some people are searching for a thrill
Some people are searching for heat
Some people are searching for pills
Everybody's looking for something
Why they do what they do makes a difference
Why they dont do anything to help themselves makes no sense, to me

But sometimes the pain keeps you awake
And if you numb it all you're never going to see
Some people are just passing the time
And some abusing everything
We can never know when our luck will run out
If thats all that we count on to get by
We are all allowed just so many days
And in the beginning, and the end, we are dependent
When its time to stand, thats the time to be strong
Life is a circle
So it makes no difference when you start to live

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Why I am going Crazy

Day turns into night again just like the tide rushing in. Nothing really changes here, I guess, I should be smarter by at least one day. Those who take know how to do it, I just don't want to train the next generation to do that to anyone else. I helped to create my prison walls, now I can tear them down. If there is no respect it gets shown in all the littlest things. A helping hand, a smile, kind words go the distance. Contrast that to the clutter and the hunger and the frown. It's no wonder I'm feeling so down. Ive seen the other side and it makes this place seem sad.

Whats in a word?

Jingoism, a word that gets cast around with impugnity by the Nuanced Vendors of peaceable windowdressing;
Definition- a professed patriot who advocates an aggressive, warlike foreign policy.
Nuanced use: mindless or irrational position, somehow negative, as in "there really are no perceptible threats out there".
Reality, If we weren't "jingoistic" how long would this country actually last? Could we have withstood the past tribulations with this marshmellow stance against enemies who have sworn to kill us?

The word gets used almost as if its a slur. I guess there are many words in every language that have a real and direct meaning but are prone to being usurped into the lexicon of self serving bomb throwers. We all need to think before we speak, but I also think we need to think before we listen and think before we read, and think before we think. And then think a little more.

Sometimes I think as words slide away from their original definition and take on a new meaning they are branded and the new meaning takes over the ownership to where we dont even consider what the word really means. Slang happens.