Saturday, May 03, 2008

Whats in a word?

Jingoism, a word that gets cast around with impugnity by the Nuanced Vendors of peaceable windowdressing;
Definition- a professed patriot who advocates an aggressive, warlike foreign policy.
Nuanced use: mindless or irrational position, somehow negative, as in "there really are no perceptible threats out there".
Reality, If we weren't "jingoistic" how long would this country actually last? Could we have withstood the past tribulations with this marshmellow stance against enemies who have sworn to kill us?

The word gets used almost as if its a slur. I guess there are many words in every language that have a real and direct meaning but are prone to being usurped into the lexicon of self serving bomb throwers. We all need to think before we speak, but I also think we need to think before we listen and think before we read, and think before we think. And then think a little more.

Sometimes I think as words slide away from their original definition and take on a new meaning they are branded and the new meaning takes over the ownership to where we dont even consider what the word really means. Slang happens.

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