Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is the End Just a New Beginning?

When all energy has been expended then peace can take hold because there is nothing left to do. I feel I have reached this apex almost within an undertow. As subtle as it now feels I know how the hurt and pain have dogged me through the years, almost numbing my soul by it's very oppression. I am ready to try to live again, to live by senses, with light, feeling love, feeling nature, feeling.
My horizon has always been so far out. But I sense a shrinking of the distances. Hope is there for me if I am brave enough to embrace a destiny that was unforeseen. Life's adventure doesnt always have to be mapped all the way to a safe end. It can be mapped all the way to a happy place and let God be the judge, true hearts will find a way.
When the last gasp of Love lashes out in rage and despair at it's betrayel...
It is then that it's over, a calmness will descend and peace can once again prevail.

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