Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fathers Day

It is terribly sad that Tim Russert passed away right before Fathers day, when His Father and being a Father to his son were so very important to him, and I am certain he had plans. A consumate professional whose politics I would hardly ever agree with, Tim Russert was about as even handed as one could ever hope for in the mainstream media. He passed away a relatively young man, 58 years young, so it comes as even more of a shock to everyone. Tim was very hardworking and driven to be the best he could be, but dying so young makes one wonder if he got in all the things in life that he had intended. Sometimes when morbid thoughts grip me, I too wonder if I am missing large parts of life in my quest for securing a better future. A future that, unfortunately, for some never comes. I know there is a secret to living life to the fullest, taking care of responsibility and even finding reward in the smaller everyday things that are always taken for granted.
We all have a common Father, and God deserves the central eternal devotion from all his children. If we look at God as the one who takes care of us as our fathers here on earth are supposed to do, we would have a security that would empower us to achieve so much more than we ever realized. Even when our faith is weakened we are sustained and breathe and survive. I would pray all people remember their Father in Heaven on Fathers Day, too.
When the time comes to acknowledge the higher power in our lives I know some people are frightened and think that denial will be an acceptable alternative to obeisance. It simply is not so, our Lord and saviour reminds us of our need for him every day. Seeking utopia here on earth without God will certainly fail every time it is tried. Things happen to give a wake up call, it could be those earthquakes and tornadoes. It could be the passing of a loved one or even a prominent person we all felt we knew. Life can never be taken for granted not even for just one day.
And thats a very good reason to pray.

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