Saturday, February 09, 2013

Missing the Point

What makes the most sense in this scenario?
A man falls in love with a woman who is unavailable and he waits for her forever. He knows the two are perfect for one another and any other woman will not get his full heart. He waits and waits and she may never become available. Maybe she finally does get free but will her heart stay the same for him after all this time? He was fantasizing that the love they shared was mutual and as deep as the oceans and as wide as the universe. He was projecting in the end because what was a miraculous find shouldn't ever be lost.

He moves on and finds a woman who can give her whole heart to him. He loves her as much as he can, he is protecting his heart  by trying to recapture that feeling where he is so in love he could and would do anything.
 It is not sufficient and now another heart is breaking.

Time and tide will tell, what this poor unfortunate soul should do. Hurting anyone else is not an option, neither is giving up on true love. But the flame in his heart will never ever go all the way out for her. It may just have to remain embers for the rest of their lives. A glowing reminder of the happiest days ready to be re ignited, ready to love again.