Monday, March 12, 2007

I like Fred Thompson

Even though I like Rudy and I like Mitt Romney, and would vote for a Mormon, if He was our nominee. It is Fred Thompson that I really like, I have heard His responses to speeches, heard Him fill in for Paul Harvey, I just think he looks Presidential, sounds Presidential and could be accepted by the Left and the Right, like Reagan, who got a great percentage of the electorate, but got slammed by the media. This guy is polished , professional, and prepared to lead our country forward. His association with Law and Order can't hurt either. Literally and figuratively.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brother of mine,
How are you and the girls and Kate? Things are okay here, but Michelle is held over in Iraq an exta six months. One thing I have to say, is if you are willing to vote for a mormon, I believe you have some homework to do. They are a bunch of sexist, arrogant wackos who believe that they will each become gods of their own little planets, oh, excuse me, not all of them, just the men. Your sis.

JohnnyT. said...

Well I'll take a conservative Mormon over Hillary any day of the week. I don't really care so much for Mormonism but it may be the best we'll get. I'll call you soon!

Anonymous said...

Please that is. Hmm-Hillary or a Mormon...c'mon there has to be something else! If that is all there is we may as well write in Snoopy. Love you.