Friday, October 20, 2006

The Journalist and the Countrymen.

Journalists around the world have an agenda , and what motivates them is not the forthright dissemination of events taking place. It is not even the reporting of happenstance for the greater good of all with rightousness triumphing gloriously over wickedness. It is all for the furthurence of their own journalistic prowess, power, and influence of world events. Incredibly they feel they, and their views are more important than the events themselves taking place. One of the more amazing phenomena I have witnessed is how in all western countries how similarly reporters go about putting forth their agenda under the guise of unbiased reporting. If they could come out and clearly state their ideas and opinions I would not have as much disdain for their cowardly and antagonistic anarchy. Just give US the facts please and keep your editorializing, puckish, defeatist, leftist, godless, wimpy, blather to yourselves and the weasely vermin who can be so easily led by your anti-american, pro-death vulture watch.

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