Thursday, November 02, 2006

Unabashed Liberalism Undercuts and Undermines

I saw it last night with my own two eyes. I was watching the Kings game and announcer Grant Napear was whining about a few spots in the game where the team was not doing so well. As if they are supposed to play the whole game flawlessly and the Timberwolves were to be the compliant victims. So I turned down the volume on the T.V. and the Kings started playing better (imagine that!). Then came halftime and with the sound still down on the T.V. I saw liberalism and socialism try to infect the viewership. I could see it clearly because I could not hear what they were saying, but the visual half of their presentation contained the full message. The first real rain of the season is upon us. The Newscast already was watching for FLOOD DANGER, at least that's what the headline banner stated. The Governator (who is winning handily in the polls, I might add) has been priming the pump in Washington for flood relief dollars from the federal government ever since Katrina. Supposedly, Sacramento's levees are going to fail. Soon. That makes it a post- Katrina , pre-disaster warning of impending future disaster.

So there you have it. Sooner or later Sacramento will have a devastating flood of Biblical proportions. And someone, incredibly prophetic, will get credit for being exceedingly prognostic. We here in Sacramento have our place saved in the line of future victims. So save some batteries, a radio,some bottled water and some toilet paper. Maybe Bush will turn the hurricane machine on California this winter.
Be prepared.

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