Monday, November 27, 2006

Sowing the Wind and Reaping the Whirlwind.

Alleigence to America by the American people appears to be wavering. Our economy is based on growth,through population and expanding the middle and upper classes. There are many people out there who think we should be reducing our population by whatever means necessary. As long as we have the farmland and ability to feed our nation we should continue to try and grow our population. Look what is happening in Europe and Russia now. Their birthrates are dwindling and their growth, needed to continue to pay for the growth in their social programs, is dependent on immigration for tax paying workers. However much of the immigrant influx are using up the social services at a similar rate. Third World immigrants come into all these countries seeking their own needs first, not really their new countries needs. I guess it's human nature to try and look out for #1 first, but that is where the trouble starts.

Those who look to hire in America need entry level workers, along with skilled professionals. But we are also raising a whole generation of people who feel they are entitled to some kind of bounty. The Social Security system here is broken and no-one is willing to do the heavy lifting to fix it. We have a whole sub-culture who feel no shame in taking money for nothing. Whether it's by thievery, fraud, pretending to be pathetic, or illicit activities, so many people have no pride in earning their own way and taking care of themselves and their families. Welfare and S.S.I. abuse come directly to mind. How could a healthy person who can work collect money for ruining their lives by drug /alcohol abuse? How can people get money for making a series of stupid choices in their personal lives? On top of that now the new immigrant class is starting to feel that same sense of entitlement. Some how it seems a common human characteristic to forget where you came from. To forget what it took to get to that next level. Humanities house of cards is stacked so high just one straw will bring down a century of progress. At the base is agriculture, shelter, and law and order. These pillars must be kept strong.

With human nature what it is I cannot picture things getting much better. Our nation needs a revival or we might have to let things fall and pick up the pieces. Maybe these terroristic threats are God's way of sending US a wake up call. Even though I am personally aware of the danger I still battle complacency. I believe that we are threatened and it would serve our nation right to get slapped down a few pegs. But since we seem to be the only ones in the world trying to do anything about these problems it would be tragic for the whole world if the U.S.A. were to somehow be nuetralized. Time is short, maybe shorter than anyone realizes. We really don't have the time to re-sort what is right and where we stand as a nation. The Lord is at our door knocking, not acting is a response that will not be tolerated. The time has come to make a stand.

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