Thursday, December 07, 2006

To Liberals and Mental Weaklings..-..-.

I know what you are thinking. You are betting your life that your great country(and it is great) has a trick up their sleeve . "We are the U.S.A. ... f yeah! We have secret laboratories and super spys and ray guns and sh*t. We can do anything, the stuff that we don't even know about would make your head spin."
I myself would love to know that to be true. However, as awesome as some of our scientific and secret weapons technology must certainly be, without the will to use it makes it virtually worthless to have taken the time and treasure to produce.
You are thinking..-..-"What if everybody hates us?"
well what if?
Whatif your butt sniffed?
We can't live our lives worried about offending people who are threatening to kill US.
This enemy will not quit this fight, the wheels are in motion.
But still you're saying "We can't win"
I say we have already won, we just have not believed in ourselves. We are the lone superpower in the world because Almighty God has granted US this honor, we must act like we deserve to be thusly rewarded.

Or what good is it?

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