Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy Birthday! The Tyrant is Dead.

Saddam maddas a hatter. Saddam dead as a doornail. Saddam assumes room temperature. Saddam there but for the grace of Allah goes Bin-Laden. Saddam re-united with his sons. Saddamized.
Deadlines for headlines.
Personally I get no solace in the fact that this evil mass murderer is gone. Symbolically it had to happen, and the sooner the better. The brave American soldiers that have died trying to clean up his hell hole are who I choose to think about and pray for. I saw that Saddam went to the gallows with a Quran in his hand, how fitting that the handbook for the adherents to the 'Religion of Peace' will be there to guide his soul to it's final resting place.
If Saddam was playing with Tarot cards which ones came up, do you suppose? The hanging man? The death card? Both?
Lord God almighty must be very disappointed in this individual. Given, or allowed to take, a position of high authority over an entire nation, he used his position to torture and oppress people and ingratiate himself. The things Saddam could have done to make the world a better place were infinitismal, and maybe that will be one of his punishments in Hell. To see the alternate reality, where he was a great leader and with all the oil wealth that has been bestowed upon Iraq, created a great center of learning and prosperity right there in the heart of the middle-east. But alas, it was not meant to be.
I get a kick out of the American hating leftists who say that we are responsible for Hussein because we supported him in the Iran-Iraq war. Maybe there is some culpability there but we never told him to kill his own people and try and take over the region. We rightly sided with the lesser of two evils, and gave him an opportunity to step up and change the dynamic, which he obviously failed in a most spectacular way. Now we still have to deal with the trouble in Iran without a secular ally in Saddam Hussein who could have exercised some control over this wild beast of a nation. And could have accomplished that control without torturing and killing so many of his own people, could he not?
Anyway life goes on and the quickening continues to gather momentum, hastening US toward the final conflict of good versus evil. One I hope and pray that we do the right thing and not end up like Saddam Hussein. Great potential relegated to the ash heap of History.

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