Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We just looked away for a moment.

This fanatical idealogical movement Islamascism will not quit, take a break, or just fade away. It is a growing, nebulous, borderless disease of a religion. Paralleling the rise of Nazism and even communism. Both movements defeated by the West in the Twentieth Century. Apparently the leaders of this particular strain of human civilicidal virus have detected an opportunity. They are consumers of western media, having figured out how to manipulate the talking heads. Aligning themselves with the Democratic Media Complex, this contingent of Judeo/Christian antagonists are waging an effective war. They carefully orchestrate their violence with news cameras always on the scene. This played out before America's elections recently and with Spains elections a few years ago. They know that we really don't want to fight, being more or less peaceful countries within our own borders. I am sure they feel this is a chance to make a few free moves. The assasination of Lebanese Minister Pierre Gemayel is another step along the way toward their ultimate goal of destroying Israel first, then America.

The holiday weekend is upon US. The media will surely focus on traffic, going to Grandma's house, a turkey that will get a reprieve, football, and assorted nonsense. Out on the horizon is a growing threat that ultimately will threaten the whole free world. It's only a matter of time. My thanksgiving prayers will include a prayer that George W. Bush will not continue to follow in his father's footsteps on using half-measures to fight this fight. When you decide to take on an enemy, and you have the power to win, go for the whole enchilada. That means kick their freakin' @ss. Or is part of political correctness making sure we are just as dead as they are?

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