Wednesday, November 08, 2006

When we finally learn.

In the eye of the storm.

The winds of change blow both ways.

So look up!

For your redemption draws nigh.

The great nation of America is in trouble, I believe. According to the pundits and political watchers we voted for change. Not everybody who was eligible voted and not everybody that voted selected the same candidate. Our country is very evenly divided, and that can be O.K. if everybody has the nations success as a whole in mind when they cast their ballot. With all the talk about leaving Iraq, that war,(already won, I might add) could become a defeat. I am not sure if president Bush was divinely inspired to go in there, but now the situation must be rectified. If we had all gotten on board with Bush's strategy we would probably already be done there and moving on toward Iran. The naysayers threw the war to make Bush look bad,to give him a problem that cannot be fixed within his term. Let's face it ,many in the media elite circles have no love for their country or their military. According to them everything we do when Bush is in charge will be wrong. I kind of look at it like this; America got sucker punched, a pretty good shot, too. The whole country was riled up for a few days after 9/11/2001. The president knew what the right thing to do was to go after the people who had repeatedly attacked US and gotten away with it for the most part with little slaps on the wrist. He stood up and said lets take care of this problem for once and for all. All of America and all of congress and the senators said hell yeah! let's go and take care of this problem. So the president got in front and said "charge!", and went to do battle. Then he turned around and half of his side had left him, alone, for his own side got squishy and stopped giving a full effort, also. That is where we stand now, at a crossroads, victory in the war against terrorism can still be achieved, not without sacrifice, not without all of our nation dedicated to victory at any cost. If I had a political career it would not amount to anything if I were in any way responible for not eliminating this threat. In the back of my mind I thought that was how President Bush felt. His actions are leading me to have my doubts. I would prefer our military might was unleashed and we levelled Baghdad. Then pull back and if the enemy reconstitutes itself, level the cesspool again,and again, if necessary. There really was no need to start a policing action right off the get-go. If we really are in a true fight to the death, let's act like it and destroy our enemy. Offering up our soldiers one by one to appease the Islamic masses is unconscionable.

America must continue to fully support Israel. I believe this is the linch-pin for all of our success in the world. God has granted US the status of the lone super-power in the world at this time. What we do with it will determine where we line up in the battle of Armegeddon. I am very scared if liberals get in charge and try to appease our known enemies by throwing our known Ally, Israel, overboard our country cannot be forgiven.

If the war on terror (as it is being waged now, or if and when the Democrats get ahold of it) is the first nail in America's coffin. The second, I believe will be multi-culturalism. It seems to me that our country cannot stand if we divide ourselves up in such a way that there are many groups with seperate agendas. People used to come to America to be Americans first, now everyone wants to retain their seperate identity first. We simply cannot afford to grow through immigration,we need to grow from within at least equal to foreigners coming here.

And finally, what I think will be the final nail in America's coffin will be when we sanction cloning. Deep in my heart I thoroughly believe that when we start to play God in such a way, God himself will cut US off. Since the founding of America God has blessed US. It is because we have followed Him. Cloning is Pandora's box and once it is opened it cannot be shut. Who knows, maybe the cloning of a human has been successfully performed already. If that is the case we really are near the END.

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