Wednesday, June 07, 2006

On Islam, Iran and future conflict.

With each passing day it becomes more clear to me that we need our national focus sharpened. There is an enemy out there that has sworn to kill us. My rational mind says when threatened like that, do whatever it takes to eliminate the threat. Our elected officials are more worried about homosexuals and p.c . b.s. than taking all necessary steps to confront and annihilate our sworn enemies. It may sound drastic, but we have no choice other than to kill or be killed. There will be no negotiating with these unregenerate vipers. The nature of Islam ( which means submission) is to try to bring the whole world under its oppression, by force if necessary. They call US the " Great Satan", but even in their scriptures does man not have free will to serve "Allah" or not. They seem to desire a bunch of robots all bowing down 5 times a day but not really seving God. If they really had the spirit of God within themselves they would give people a chance to learn and to grow and become who the Lord wanted them to be and let God make His judgement upon them. That is why America and other Democracies are so threatening to them, because it is more like the spiritual realm in that we all make choices and suffer the consequences. Iran, being the seat of Islam in the world seems to be pushing for a fight. Islamic unrest appears to be fomenting all around the world. I believe in Biblical prophecies and see fulfillments of them happening before my very eyes. How so many people would choose to believe a lie is astounding to me, but there you have it, battle lines are being drawn and people are lining up on either side, I wish that it will not come down to this but in the end we should all pray that the Lord's will be done on earth as it is in heaven, this day and every day.

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