Friday, June 09, 2006

Bin Laden is next!

It will be a great day for the whole world. Osama and Zawahiri, You are next! All you Muslim fanatics remember, we will all be judged by the same judgement. Don't be too eager to shed blood. Yours or anybody elses. Life is sacred,Nicolas Berg's father is right about that, but cancer has to be cut out. A Rattlesnake, or Black Widow must ALWAYS be killed on sight. So too should ANY person who threatens other peoples safety or very lives! That is what this generation owes the next. Poor old Abu Musab AL-Zarqawi, he thought his eternal reward would be 72 virgins and gardens and feasts. I believe he will sleep until the resurrection, then he will face God and the Angels and be condemned to the second death, cast alive into the lake of fire, his hatred and evil to perish forever. The smoke of the end of all these evil beings will rise forever as a reminder to all what will become of all if we do not get right with our Lord. Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life. Peace be upon all mankind.

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