Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Send in the Troops

President Bush might want to send more troops to Iraq. I say good, but only if they are allowed to use whatever force necessary to overwhelm our enemy. Don't send our brave young warriors over there to become targets and statistics. If they can go over there risking their lives I would want the same for myself, no second-guessing, just to be unfettered, allowed to do whatever it takes to survive and win. Defending our country is an honor to which I wish I myself could avail. WE cannot sacrifice anybody for ungrateful idealogues who worship violence.
I know most of our soldiers respect and defer to our host countries customs and traditions with the noblest of intentions - serving the good of the world, I just know it. When you are there on the world stage, especially in the middle east, for most god-fearing people, it must be a time of acute soul-consciousness and awareness.

This is the calling of our time.

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