Thursday, January 18, 2007

Maybe I Am MicroManaging.

God said "Let vengeance be His".
In His own infinite wisdom and revelation He has led me to this truth. As individuals we can only control ourselves and how we react to the world. We cannot control our fellow Americans, or our enemies around the world. We cannot force anybody to appreciate the research and effort we put out to notify friends, neighbors, and fellow countrymen, the perilous path we are heading down. These enemies have sworn to kill US, and I for one take them at their word on it, not their ability yet, but their goals and desires to do just that. Eventually, when we no longer are engaging them or concerned, is the time I fear they will act.
And that is the time and mindset our elected officials are pushing US toward.
Are we a red country or a blue country? Labeling with colours seems like something you might do in Kindergarten class, but Nationally, in the News?
Both colours conjur up negative connotations to me. Red for association with Communism, Blue for Lasciviousness. Both colours also have good affiliations, a Red heart on Valentines Day exemplifies love. And True Blue, is what it says it is.
I remember not too long ago Red was for the Democrats and Blue was for the Republicans on the National election Maps. I wonder if they decided to switch colours because the Republicans were winning and the Red associated with the Democrats was tainting the public perception of these otherwise well meaning 'American Patriots'.
Maybe what it's really all about is the red and blue fighting each other for the white flag.
Just a thought.


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JohnnyT. said...

Paris Hilton says "Stars are Blind".