Thursday, January 18, 2007

We are still over a barrel.

How come when the price per barrel of oil goes below $50 all of a sudden prices will collapse and oil producers will do whatever they can to gerrymander things upward? The price per barrel rises and so do gas prices and everybody in OPEC is happy. I understand it's a business and we all have to make money, but sooner or later the goose can be killed. I cannot continually raise my prices in my business just because my services are necessary. Neither can food producers, utility companies, or medical services (though they do push the envelope courtesy of insurance companies).
Our economy is tied to the world and the world is tied to US. Maybe we could just get ANWAR on line and that would prohibit this alliance of dictators and communists to tether US to their lifeline. If all it takes is a little downward pressure to really straighten out the price fixing then by all means let's figure a way out.

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