Thursday, January 25, 2007

What Happens Next

If our fate is to be determined by Politicians who are only concerned with staying in their elected office, somehow Americans who want our Country to stay strong must unite and throw out these bums before their damage becomes irreperable. Our Military can and will deal with the insurgency if the kid gloves come off. The Appeasement Party of America would rather bow down 5 times a day to Allah to retain their rulership of the American juggernaut.
While there are peaceful ways to win some disagreements, both sides have to be committed to peace in order for negotiations. I would just ask the Bush Haters to imagine your country ruled by sharia Law, preposterous!, you say? What do you think the ultimate goal of our enemy is? How do you think they can achieve their dark vision?
First they will try to destroy our economy, this is already happening. They will then try to string out our Military, this too is happening. Then, they will try to erode American patriotism, Loyalty, and unity. This too is happening. The disagreements over here are aired all over the world, and when some are overcome with vitriol and accusations, the fractures are magnified when foreign press reads into it all that they want to see.

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