Friday, May 26, 2006

The sign of the times

Earthquakes, Wars, Disease, and Peoples love growing cold. These are some of the signs of the times. What does it mean? If we only look at the bad things it can't be good. I would like to get people to realize there may not be a lot of time to get their acts together. At any given time it could be the last day for any one of us. The choices we have made could make a difference, in a loved ones life or in our own. For myself and (hopefully) my family we will try to serve the Lord. I don"t always want to be a downer thinking all these morbid thoughts and seemingly negative implications. However it is God's will that we go out and bring the good news to whomever will receive it. So that is my mission here, to try and relate current events reconciling them to the word of God as best as I can and maybe someone out there can be helped. Earthquakes; today in Indonesiathere was a big one and at least 46 people were killed. For them today is the day of the lord. Wars;around the world Islam is rising up and spreading hatred and violence against all who do not believe in their warped theology. Disease; The bird flu, Aids,whooping cough, polio mumps etc. And peoples love growing cold,how can that be illustrated? The mountaineer climbing Mount Everest succumbing to the conditions and nobody stopped their climb up to help bring him back down. Or terrorists blowing up innocent men, women and children for their self rightous causes. On and on and on. We must never forget that our creator loves us. So much so that he gave his only begotten son , so that we might have life and life more abundantly. Jesus tore down the wall seperating us from God gave us the chance to know freedom from the bondage of serving ourselves. Whereby we can try to help others find the joy in knowing we do not have to continue displeasing our loving creator.

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