Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Inventors can win this war on terror!

Our nation is dependent on foreign oil. The whole western world is run on fossil fuel energy primarily. The Islamic fascist terrorists are dependent on revenue from this same energy source. We are basically funding our enemies ability to wage war on ourselves. If our country was dedicated to beating this adversary we would do whatever it takes to triumph over the enemy. We must develope technology, like the Manhattan project, technology that pushes us beyond all our foes. There are many sources of energy, and even a few not yet developed. We already have solar, electric, nuclear, wind and water. Maybe its magnetic or centrigual, gravitational, or some other wonderful invention. I am saying I know someone in our great nation can come up with something that would work. When we had to come up with nuclear energy first, we did. Now we must
come up with an alternative energy to power our economy first, then we will win against these terrorists. Let the terrorists choke on their oil.

Our efforts must be national in their scope and participation. Somehow our country must come together or it will be so much more difficult to win this fight. Our enemy is mutual, they may even want our liberal compatriots dead first, unless they can use them to further weaken and divide our country. The best intentions ever given to another can still be used to destroy the benefactor. Right now it seems a high percentage of Americans belive their Government capable of committing atrocities they would not even suspect of enemies that are coming right out and saying "death to America" to be guilty of committing. As alarming as that is are the numbers of undereducated youth setting out every year with the right to vote and an agenda to elect someone who promises to give them something never seems to go down. Nothing good is ever really "free". Nor is it ever really easy. When our whole country realizes we will all have to give up something to defeat this enemy, and is really ready to sacrifice, then we can win and probably win rather easily.

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