Thursday, April 10, 2008

Never Give Up

Scientists who exalt their own selves over the known universe have now found God and named it after themselves. How quaint. Well... "Seek and Ye shall find". I wonder if their super collider will start a chain reaction inside and outside the galaxies and they will know there really is a God, right before they die?
Well their theories are always out to prove that God does not exist. Their scientific method always starts with the premise that attempts to prove God is their own finding, creation, imagination. Secular Humanisms' prophet has thusly spoken. Someday soon we will all know who was right. And who was deluded.
Mr. Higgs does not claim the notoriety for himself, apparently the honor has been bestowed upon him by the priesthood of atheistic true believers. Whose faith is definitely as a mustard seed.

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