Sunday, March 14, 2010

Who we See

I used to believe that there was the possibility of more than one person with whom I could find the love and happiness and completeness of a soul satisfying relationship. I am now thoroughly convinced there is only one person.
Maybe, it is only one person at a time? And while that individual is locked into the heart there can be no other?
It is so confusing, out of the billions of souls on the Earth at any given time how do we find who we are most compatible with?
And, when we do find that person... Everything can be perfect, but that may still not be enough. The world and life's steering can force anyone somewhere they never intended to be. All intentions toward where we want to go may be circumvented by honor and duty, responsibility and fates fickle chance. Everybody has their course charted with only a few diversions possible. What is found by that road can be lost just as quickly at the speed of life.
What is meant to be doesn't always happen quite the way it's hoped for. Ultimately control is not all ours. And as painful as that is to accept,
in the end it's the way it should be

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