Monday, April 09, 2012

The Full Moon

Looking up into the evening sky and seeing the full moon conjures a peaceful nostalgia and awakens a dormant yearning to right what went wrong. Life has lots of mistakes and missed opportunities. Times when the hearts desire is close enough to taste. Times when completeness seems attainable. Some chances present themselves again sometimes lost is gone forever.

I have learned enough to know that even though I knew I was lucky beyond my wildest dreams and I did savor every moment because I knew it was more than I could hold onto, I lost a grip on reality.
The heart and the mind.
The sun and the moon.
Small things, Big things.
Ascertainable or veiled.
Everything becomes one in a poetic sense.
Eternity at a glance, temporarily aligned.
Hearts on Fire
Frozen in Time
God is Love
Love is sublime

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