Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Message From God For the Church Through the Ages

I found this and have to re-emphasize and re-print it. This is where we are now at the last stage of the Church age and awaiting our Lord at any moment.

John Walvoord,President of Dallas Theological; Seminary- The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Moody Press, 1966
Taken as a whole, the messages to the seven churches of Asia constitute a tremendous warning from Christ Himself, expressed in the exhortations to each of these churches. He warns the churches today to"hear what the spirit says to the churches."
The Church at Ephesus represents the danger of losing our first love, that fresh ardor and devotion to Christ which characterized the early church.
The church at Smyrna represents the danger of fear of suffering. They were exhorted by Christ to "fear none of the things that they would suffer." In this day when the persecution of the saints has been revived in many places, the church may well need this admonition.
The church at Pergamos illustrates the constant danger of doctrinal compromise, which is often the first step toward complete defection from the faith. Would that the Modern Church, which has forsaken so many fundamentals of Biblical faith, would heed that warning!
The church at Thyatira is a monument to the danger of moral compromise. The church today has not only tolerated but in many cases encouraged compromise of Biblical moral standards.
The church at Sardis is a warning against the danger of spiritual deadness, of orthodoxy without life, of mere outward appearance but no inward reality.
The church of Philadelphia is exhorted to keep enduring with patience and maintain the "little strength" that they had while they wait patiently for the Lords return.
The final message to the church at Laodicea is the crowning indictment, a warning against the danger of lukewarmedness, or self-sufficiency, of being unconscious of desperate spiritual need.
The invitation given long ago to the seven churches of Asia to hear what the Spirit says is extended to all men and churches today. A loving God would have men hear and believe, turn from their idols of sin and self, and look in faith to the Son of God, who loved them and gave Himself for them.
I too believe the Revelation in terms both for the individual and for the church and for the whole world. We need to know what is there and seek to be prepared as each signpost is passed and we draw ever nearer to 'The Day of the Lord"

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