Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obama Can Win

Isn't it ironic, this whole Obama mania has sucked me in as well. Only my obsession is limited to this cult of personality, the sheer irony of the Leftists going religious, and how a man (as far as we know, he is just a man) can get so close to an all-powerful position with no realistic credentials.

I have a faith that our system will bring to light the relevant data about who Barack Hussein Obama really is. I don't care about the B.S. If he smoked pot or did coke. I gave Bill Clinton that same pass, as sooner or later all our elected officials will most likely have experimented. Bill Clinton lost me when he lied about it. I respect Barack's candor. As long as he isn't doing drugs now it does not matter to me. If he had an affair, well as long as he doesn't defile the oval office or subject himself to blackmail, I could not care less. But Michelle Obama interjecting herself into this thing is alarming. I don't want to start doing all the similarities to the Clinton's, but some are eerie. Co-Presidents, Lawyers, Harvard instead of Yale, Black instead of White, Populists, more Liberal than they would ever dare admit to, etc. etc.

The Identity Politics that the Democrat party plays is thin and flimsy at best. They claim to be trying to Unite our country but all I see are lines of division. What conservative principles has Barack espoused? He's acting like Santa Clause. Something for every little group and only raising taxes to pay for it. He probly wouldn't even raise my taxes, but if I was ever fortunate to make more money, there would be the Obama Plan. Talk about a disincentive to put in the grueling work it takes to build wealth in my business. But I am sure Barack has a plan for that too, right? Open Borders and more of that cheap labor?

I cannot help but be drawn to this phenomenon like a moth to a flame. I know there will come a day when a world leader will become like the Messiah. I know what happens next. I really don't believe it will be an American, but the globalization taking place is also scary and ominous. Just the idolatry of these followers is mystifying to me. And the irony of his name has not gone unnoticed by me. We are fighting radical Islamascists and a candidate with Hussein in His name is peculiar. Can anybody say Manchurian?

I know the Leftists will be the ultimate reason our country falls but if it comes about through a religous like movement, then that would be the most ironic paradox of them all.

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