Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Solstice Anniversary Vision

Happiness is...
an everlasting love made exclusively for two, and I only want to share this blessing with my best friend. I know she knows that I know that she knows. This is exactly how I feel, it's purely harmonious and truly something special.

If Love travels in all directions, its travails at least seem to go the ways of gravity. The highs are so high and the boundaries limitless, but its the deepness that excites my inquisitive nature to explore its nuance and arouses my desire to find the right words to translate this most indescribable feeling.

The expression needs to come out perfect, and somehow, because I started to relay these thoughts out loud it seems more difficult to say it just right. Therein lies the challenge, to describe the very emotions that dwarf words and deeds and relegate powerful sentiment into numb adages.

How do I measure or probe that which is indefinable? How can I touch on what sometimes seems just out of reach and even unobtainable? Theres a feeling I want to describe but mere words diminish and turn what is graceful, natural, and flowing into something clumsy and common.

The multplying force of passion finding passion mesmerizes me out of my body and into my spirit. I can't let go of this chance to realize what seems to be at the very meaning of life. I won't give up until what I see in my heart becomes the reality I crave. True joy will come to me, if I can hang on and not just smother these flames with my doom. Some things will only happen once in a lifetime and must be acted upon while there's still enough time. All the signs and their vibrations, the pure emotion and its profound meaning, direct me, like a compass, to my love.

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