Thursday, June 25, 2009

When Mortality Dawns Upon US

Today a pair of "Iconic" Americans passed away, following another well known persona yesterday. Ed McMahon died yesterday after a lengthy illness and well publicized personal finance troubles, forever remembered as Johnny Carson's sidekick and yes man. Farah Fawcett passed away today after a long bitter battle with a tough cancer, expected, yet still a shock as a living legend has left US. Then on top of those, Michael Jackson has a heart attack and passes away at 50?
Michael had a lot of bizarre tabloid troubles, yet this suddenness is just a complete shot across our collective bows.

I think our country likes to live vicariously through our celebrity culture, worshipped and enabled, for the very purpose of being like a mirror to look into our own selves and to dream a little dream about fame and fortune, "what would it do to me?" Since everybody knows about these people we all share in the loss and still we try to figure out how we really are affected. I think the whole outpouring of grief will be overdone and over covered. And yet, I also think many of these people are mourning for something or some part of their own lives they feel is now lost. Maybe living vicariously also means dying sympathetically.

Is this the three, as in tragedy coming in sets of 3? I will pray for their souls and hope there is a lesson for all of US in this. Life is never gauranteed and no matter what our troubles amount to as a portion of our consciousness, we will someday leave it all behind and move on to the next stage of our souls developement.

There are troubles brewing out there in the world that will require everyone to become self-less. We don't want to waste our grief on the passing of an individual or three, as we could be looking at the passing of our way of life and our countries position in the world. There are perceptions and then there are realities. The times they are a changin' ~ for sure.

May we all take a moment and reflect and think of how we can become better people, to all who we come in contact with.

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