Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Window of the Soul

I can see what it means to be free, feel how it feels to have hope, and to believe better days will surely come. You know that by the pain that we humans can feel in our souls there really is something more than mere flesh and blood that is who we really are.

We see the world and are moved by its beauty. It is nearly impossible to look at this creation and not acknowledge there is an intelligent designer. It takes as much faith to believe in nothing as to believe in God. You can hear it when the wind blows or waves crashing upon the shore, or the thunder rolling. Our senses touch the world as well as register in the spiritual world.

Sometimes I think of what Christ did for us as he felt all of our pain, suffered all our punishment and freed us up to be whole again in the eyes of God. When you think of this very thing its a rather humbling experience. Such an enormous grief he bore. For us.
When I think of my mostly personal and selfish issues that tear at my heart I have to pause to regain a proper perspective. I guess everybody has a right to want all good things in their lives, and I know that we possess our souls in patience. If I go back to the cross where Jesus paid the price for all our sins I will be reminded that God is with me in all things, He knows what I may be going through. I must continually go back to the cross where Jesus suffered for me, too. And how if I feel I have a right not to have to suffer, I am in error. Or that I should avoid it at all costs. Maybe my lot is to learn from these hard times through the pain. Maybe this adversity is really my blessing.
God has given me great gifts in which I am eternally grateful. He has given me chances to correct myself and I think I have. I know that I am a work in progress and am so lucky to be alive. Giving up has never crossed my mind. Seeking his will is my duty. God said "ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find", and I just know its true.
I never want to forget what it means to love and really be loved, and I never will, so help me God.

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